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8 Responses

  1. Zeraan says:

    I check your blog often, so if there’s something interesting, I’ll read it. The story slider could be useful in a site where there’s a lot of reviewers with the story slider focusing on major reviews, but for this site, I think it’s a bit overkill.

  2. Stian says:

    I read all your posts through RSS, so I don’t mind if there isn’t a fancy slider on the front page ;)

  3. Bryan H. Bell says:

    As I stated in a comment for an earlier post on your blog, I didn’t like the Featured Story slider in your original theme because I found its constant movement distracting. The theme you used prior to Magomra had a slider that didn’t bother me as much. Overall though, I prefer a simpler layout with as few widgets as possible, so I’d prefer not to see the slider.

  4. Doctorfrog says:

    If you could keep the background image relatively small on the mobile view, that should help performance on this old iTouch I use on your site!

    I don’t much care for story sliders, or really anything that moves without me indicating that I want movement first.

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