Let’s Play Drox Operative – Hello Everyone, Welcome to WAR!

Drox Operative Screenshot
Watch Me Do This, and More! ;)

So I just recently revisited Drox Operative after the most recent patch (0.925) and found that it pulled me in just as it did the last time I played, but only moreso! The game feels more full now, more complete, and ultimately, much more fun. Therefore, I decided to make a video of me playing the gorram thing for around an hour. ;)

It’s kind of all over the place, and I curse a bit, but a lot of fun stuff happens! If you’ve not read my previous pieces on the game, and are coming to this cold, you might wanna do so. I do give a brief overview of things in this vid, but then I jump right in. I hope y’all enjoy it. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Drox Operative – Hello Everyone, Welcome to WAR!

  1. Nice Video! It’s amazing how differently everyone can play this game. My component choices would have been mostly very different (but not necessarily better). I enjoyed watching you play. :)

    1. Thanks man. Typically I go with a beam weapon of some type and a mine, but the computer I have adds so much to my attack I can’t part with it. ;)

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