Spacey News and Deals – 10/25/12

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Hey y’all, happy Thursday! There’s a lot to cover today, so I’m just gonna jump right in:

  • First off, early this morning, Star Citizen reached its funding goal of $2 million from combined on-site and Kickstarter crowdfunding campaigns. There’s a note from Chris Roberts himself on Kickstarter discussing the milestone of Kickstarter reaching its funding goal so quickly, as well. Finally, they have a new document outlining the specific ships, which is a cool read.
  • Over on the Strike Suit Zero Kickstarter, they have a new video showing dialogue being recorded for the game.
  • Finally, the Bonus Damagecast podcast has some interviews from IndieCade 2012, including the FTL devs.

Yeah, that’s it for news. I know, right? But wait, there’s more. This next section outlines some new spacey games I found on Kickstarter, so while not “news”, technically, I’m including it to raise awareness for ’em. These include:

  • Mercenary Dark – A “space action/RPG” with 26 days left at less than 1% funded.
  • Mobile Bridge Project – Not a space game itself, but a mobile bridge built for use with the Artemis bridge sim. 14 days left, less than 1% funded.
  • Exodus: Grand Melee – A “4x space mmorts mech combat and empire building simulation game”. That’s certainly a mouthful. 30 days left, well less than 1% funded.

Next, we have a buncha deals today too:

That’s it for today y’all, have an awesome one!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Spacey News and Deals – 10/25/12

  1. Thanks for the update, as usual!
    Too bad those new projects on Kickstarter appear to be way too low quality to spend money on. And such a shame Nexus 2 is about to fail too. I had such big hopes for it!

    1. Nexus was an alright game but I think only seven people actually bought it – the seven people that keep commenting about wanting to see another one. It is sad to see if fail, yes, but not exactly a surprise.

      1. In fact, Nexus was (and still is) far from “alright”. It was closer to “brilliant”. Sure, it had weird controls, but the core of the game – deep tactical combat – still is the best in the genre. So it’s not really only seven people who would love to see the continuation of it, Prime. It’s way more. :)

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