Divine Space – Spacey ARPG – Kickstarter Launched

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12 Responses

  1. garion333 says:

    Bah! iOS (for now). Oh well.

  2. frptunz says:

    Nah, even though these guys are my fellow russkies, not compelled with the project at all. Unclear goal, unclear design, iOS (no, thank you). And MMO plans from a starting team – ugh, it’s just not right.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Yup, totally agree. Their goals need to be much clearer.

      • Ave.
        Dodo Games have made some improvements/clarifications on their Kickstarter page. Maybe you could give it another look.
        They’re working on a single-player version and still aiming for iOS, but also to Android, PC, Mac and Linux ( thanks to Unity ).

        By the way, first comment and first chance to tell you that’s a great blog you have here :D

        • Brian Rubin says:

          Welcome to the blog Archon360! Thank you for the kind words too! :) I have to be honest, however, it’s still a bit confusing to me. My eyes typically go to the tiers first to see which tier gets me a copy of the game, so the language there was confusing until I read the main text. For some reason it took my eyes a while to see “It’s free…”, so that might need to be more prominent. Anyway, it looks cool though, so I hope it gets funded so we can eventually get a PC version and I can cover it here. ;)

  3. bitacre says:

    I’ll fix the layout in the next version of the theme, sorry about that. If you want a fix now, paste this at the end of the style.css file:

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    This should normalize the below spacing for lists and blockquotes without messing up sub menus. Thanks for the feedback!

  4. doctor_roxo says:

    it looks good. it says its an arpg. does that mean it will play like drox operative? they need to make it for pc first though.

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