AI War 6.000 and Ancient Shadows Released Today!

AI War - Explosion In Nebula

In a blog post released yesterday, Arcen Games founder Christopher M. Park posted that version 6.000 would be released today for AI War (you can read the massive patch notes here). Also released is the new expansion pack, Ancient Shadows, which adds stuff like champions, new subraces, ships, AI types and more! All very exciting stuff, and one great for me to FINALLY dive into the game and give it a try, don’tcha think? ;) They also released a trailer for the release, which I’ll embed after the cut. Enjoy!

Edit: Aaaand it’s all on sale on Steam. The base game and all of its expansions. You can get it all for around $10-11. What are you waiting for?! GO! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “AI War 6.000 and Ancient Shadows Released Today!

  1. I haven’t played AI War since it came out back in ’09. About all I remember of it at this point are huge numbers of ships and those damned Astro Trains or whatever they were called. And now it’s up to FOUR expansions? I really need to catch up on the game one of these days.

    1. Hahaha, I’ve honestly never really played it, so now is a perfect opportunity for both of us to dive in. :)

  2. Be prepared for the 4th tutorial (I believe) to take a couple hours as it basically lets you play a game all the way through.

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