Spacey Game News – 10/9/12

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Hey y’all, I’m gonna try something a bit different starting today. It was getting too overwhelming to have stories build up and build up for the snippets, to the point where just looking at my story list makes me go “UGH” and not wanna write anything. Therefore, I’m gonna try daily news posts. Anything that isn’t a major piece of news, such as a release announcement or whatever else might get its own news piece, will go here. I think doing this daily will help me as a writer and help to keep you guys more informed more regularly, so I hope y’all enjoy the news.  So here’s what’s going on:

  • A new video of Evochron Mercenary has been posted to YouTube showing off details of its upcoming expansion, such as new textures and planetary walkers. Looks pretty awesome to me! I’ll embed it below a cut for y’all.
  • According to a post on IndieDB, a demo of Lander: Mission Control has been released on the Android Play Store. (Relax, it’s coming out for computers as well. ;) It looks pretty fun.
  • According to a news post on the official site, the EVE Online store will be closing on 10/31/12 to be revamped, and will reopen sometime in 2013.
  • There’s also a new video of Miner Wars: 2081 showing off some co-op gameplay, which I’ll also embed after the cut.
  • The Verge has an article entitled, “‘FTL’ tips: How to survive the dangers of interstellar travel” in which designer Justin Ma shares his tips on surviving maybe ONE game of FTL. ;)
  • Gamasutra has a postmortem article for Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion that’s a great read.
  • There’s a new dev update video for BorderSpace that I’ll also embed after the cut.

That’s it for today, so far at least. If more happens, I’ll either update this post or write a new one, depending on the weight of the announcement. Thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Spacey Game News – 10/9/12

  1. Nice! I think the spacey news digest is a good idea.

    Just to let you know, you’ve got an extra quote at the end of your link to the FTL article that’s breaking the link.

  2. That Evochron update is looking goooood. Ground stuff looks, well, terrible, but mostly because it needs shadows beneath the mechs.

    Another thing that was bothering me was that the lens flare was off as it followed the camera instead of following the light source … if that makes sense. Anyway, I’m being picky as the game looks substantially better than it does right now, which is awesome.

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