Off-Topic: Uuuuugh, but Yaaaay!

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4 Responses

  1. Phillip says:

    About the only games I put much time into on a PS2 that was given to me were the Guitar Hero games. I did play lots of Xbox 1 RPG games though!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the blog Phillip! So you’re more of an Xbox person than a PS person I take it? ;)

  2. Aquaireeus says:

    Welcome to console world. I’ve been a PC gamer since my Starflight, if that tells you anything. But I’ve also been a console fan too since before that. It’s a good feeling when you can simply enjoy both and discover all these new games. For the record, I LOVE the Burnout series.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Welcome to the blog, Aquaireeus! And yeah, I’ve been limiting myself for way too long. I mean I got a PS3 in 2010, but still, there are huge swaths of gaming history I have no connection to, and I kind of regret that, but not too much, as PC gaming has totally filled my life with joy. I’ve just now expanding it to all video gaming. ;)

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