Spacey Game News and Deals – 10/10/12

News and Coffee
Two of My Favorite Things. ;) Space Game News and Coffee.

Hey y’all, how are ya? We all by now should know the BIG NEWS of the day (look down if you missed it ;), but other stuff happened too! Check it:

  • There’s a look at Star Citizen over on Rock, Paper Shotgun. BIG NEWS!
  • You can now get a copy of the cool looking spacey simmy sandboxy game Dangerous over on GamersGate. I need to review this one soon, only played a teensy bit of it but I enjoyed it!
  • Vendetta Online has recently been updated to version 1.8.230, and will also apparently be available directly on Windows 8 and Windows RT through the Windows Store.
  • The Rodina website has been updated with a new post with some scant details and a video (which I’ll embed after the cut) of their FTL drive, called the Limnal Drive.
  • There’s a new beta patch (version 0.924) for Drox Operative which “adds bonus skills for high base crew points, adds damage bonuses/penalties for different damage/defense type combinations”. Awesome!
  • I was just notified today that the fun-looking space tug of war game Aeon Command now has a release date: October 30th! Congrats to them! For more info on the game, you can check out my Q&A with the developer, or these lovely screenshots they sent along. :)
  • In even more news, the Star Conflict site has a new video from some Brazilian players entitled “RaptorStealth in Slow Motion” which I’ll also embed after the cut. It’s got some hot spaceshippy action which makes me wonder if this thing actually hit release and I just missed it. Time to look into that. ;) (Edit: Nope, still pre-release, but I should look into it regardless ;).

In the deals column, you can get Starpoint Gemini over on GamersGate for $5.99 today only. Finally, in non-spacey news, there are some new awesome concept ship designs by John Wallin Liberto over on the Concept Ships blog.

That’s it for now. Have an awesome day y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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