Deep Space Settlement Q&A: Modular, Moddable 4X Created from Scratch

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4 Responses

  1. frptunz says:

    Hey, nice interview! And quitting your job to go indie, especially solo-indie is an extremely brave thing to do!
    As for the game, I hope there will be not only huge fleet battles but also strong exploration and economic features. Never been a huge fan of straightforward “get n+1 cruisers and throw them in a fray”. All those pew-pews are nice, but I’m more of a builder/trader/explorer type of a player. Haegemonia, GalCivII – really wish DSS will take something frome those kinds. And if there will be some production chains like in the mentioned The Settlers, only at a space level — wow, that’d be something new, refreshing and, IMHO, of course, just plain awesome.

  2. Istvan says:

    Thanks for doing this interview and bringing this project to our attention, Brian. As a fellow indie developer, best wishes to Stephanie for this project and for her prospective indie career!

    • Brian Rubin says:

      It’s my pleasure sir! I love supporting the indies, they’ve helped keep my favorite genre alive, so it’s really the least I could do. :)

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