GOG Launches Mac Games, Interplay Bundle

GOG Goes Mac
Whole New Games for Mac! Yay!

Well GOG has certainly been busy, as they had a conference today to launch a buncha things, many of interest to space gamers. First off, they’re bringing many of their games to the Mac platform, several for the first time! In spacey game goodness, this includes:

FTL, which was already available on Mac, can now also be down for the platform through GOG if you have a copy there as well. This is AWESOME for Mac games, and I’m truly and honestly thrilled for y’all. :) I tried to run one of their games (non-spacey game, Theme Hospital) on my MacBook Pro here at work and it worked like a champ. I am VERY wary of installing Starflight, as I will get NOTHING done. ;)

Awesome Interplay Bundle
Snag This, People!

They’re also launching a deal in which you can pay what you want for various Interplay games, and for $34.99, you get 32 games, which is a freaking bargain because of course you get Freespace and Freespace 2 among other non-spacey classics. This deal runs for the next two weeks. I’d jump it but I already own pretty much every game in the catalog already. ;)

Enjoy the deals and the new games! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “GOG Launches Mac Games, Interplay Bundle

  1. If they could let me pick which games to buy, I’d have picked descent series, freespace series, and fallout series, as well as some other games to round out to 10 games, I’d be happy to pay the average price. But since they’re in top two tiers, my money is staying firmly in my wallet… Don’t want to pay $35 for many games that I won’t play… Although I did nab Theme Hospital :)

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