Let’s Play Rules of Engagement 2 – Entry 2 – Wow, I’m Awful! ;)

Rules of Engagement Entry 2 Screenshot
Tactical Sexiness…

So y’all might recall that my last bout with Rules of Engagement 2 was something less than a success, so watch as I return to claim vengeance upon my enemies, armed with new tactics and ideas! Also watch me curse a bit and whine like a little girl. ;) Enjoy!!

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Let’s Play Rules of Engagement 2 – Entry 2 – Wow, I’m Awful! ;)

  1. “Life support destroyed, OH GOD!”
    “Oh my god I am a terrible commander.”

    These quotes sum things up nicely! ;)

    Great vid. The first mission went much more smoothly this time, despite you losing the drive almost immediately! The second mission started rough since you lost your other ships pretty quickly, but you very nearly handled the entire enemy fleet yourself. The game must have frozen out of sheer spite!

    Really enjoying these RoE2 vids. Hope you keep up with them. Not enough love for DOS game classics these days.

    1. Hahahahahaha, yeah, I hope it was as fun to watch as it was to play. I’m gonna revisit that one mission on my own again and try to finish it this time before making the next vid. I gotta figure out what to do with my other ships though. My gut is to put them all in a battle group and have ’em attack one ship at a time, but I dunno if that’ll work given how spaced out they all are. Ugh.

  2. That’s probably the best course of action. Quickly put them all in one group and send ’em at whichever enemy ship is closest while you concentrate on another, if possible. Use your best missiles quickly to thin the enemy out, perhaps. How many resource points do the smaller ships require? Squeeze in as many as possible, I suppose, though some of the point values confused me. How is a heavy cruiser cheaper than a regular cruiser? I guess I need to check the manuals…

    That’s part of what makes the game so interesting, though. Strategy and tactics matter, and there’s no single route to take.

    1. The RP for each ship I believe depends on the equipment on board, so a heavy cruiser might have less advanced equipment than a cruiser, for example.

  3. An, the dozens upon dozens of hours I spent with this game and Breach 3! I even had the full SDK for it so I could build my own missions. I really loved ROE2.

    Overall,I’d say you need to concentrate fire more. Try a d maneuver your ships to an assembly point to get them together before engaging the enemy I’d you can.

  4. Good lord, the UI! It burns!

    This is a game with nothing *but* UI. UI that looks like it was designed by one of the 1950s system engineers back in the ages when you were /lucky/ if your computer had a teletype output.

    I approve in general of meaty starship command games, but … This looks grueling. Sorry, no offense to those who are afficionados, but I just don’t see how it flows.

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