Spacey Gamey News – 10/17/12

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5 Responses

  1. garion333 says:

    Sci-fi rogue-like? I’m all over that.

  2. frptunz says:

    Hey, thanks for the updates, man!
    By the way, Brian, I’ve got an access to the russian OBT of Star Conflict yesterday. I won’t be able to actually download and play it until weekend, cause right now I’m in the fields (work, work, work) and have limited internet connection, but once I get back home and play, I can provide you with some screenshots, videos and a bit of actual ingame info, it you want. Could share beta access as well, but I actually don’t know it, if the project is really worth it for you to study russkiy :)

  3. frptunz says:

    Open Beta Test

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