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Not-So-Manic Monday – Daily Dispatch for 9/10/18

Opening/Random Thoughts Happy Monday y’all, and welcome to another week! I hope you had as relaxing a weekend as I did. I tell you, the older I get, the less I want to do on weekends. I used to be all about going out, doing things, seeing people, yadda yadda. Now I realize that’s a… Read More »

Finally, Another Week Ends – Daily Dispatch for 9/7/18

Opening/Random Thoughts Happy Friday y’all! I am so, so happy the weekend is here, and especially that it’s not TOO busy a weekend. I feel like I’m still recovering from the exhaustion of last weekend, but I should be able to find the energy to actually make content for next week, so yay! Finally that… Read More »

Video is So Important – Daily Dispatch for 9/6/18

Opening/Random Thoughts So this is the first digest I’ve done using this new format without any video to go with it. A video is the centerpiece of this whole thing. It kind of ties the room together, like the rug in The Big Lebowski. Not having one is just SO WEIRD you guys. I use… Read More »

A Slow Day – Daily Dispatch for 9/5/18

Opening/Random Thoughts Not a lot going on since the last dispatch. Some news, some deals. We did do a podcast, which was a lot of fun, but that was mostly it. It’s hard to feel creative when you’ve used all your brain fuel on SEO keyword research (which is SO TEDIOUS AND BORING, but it’s… Read More »

Exciting Times – Daily Dispatch for 8/29/18

Opening/Random Thoughts OMG I’m so tired you guys. SO TIRED. I for some reason slept like ass last night, so I’m working from home again, which is weird when one is so used to working in an office. As much as I love being home, with all my stuff, my cats and so on, it… Read More »