But I Can’t Read Russian… – Daily Dispatch for 10/10/18

So. Much. Death.

Opening/Random Thoughts

Hey folks, happy Wednesday! Honestly don’t have much to say today, brain is mush, just wanna go home and see if I can get Emperor of the Fading Suns to run in a window. I’m DYING to try this, because if I can…I might FINALLY be able to capture video of it! YAY!

Today’s Video(s)

So one of today’s early quests in Origin Space — maybe the first I get, I can’t recall — is entirely in Russian. Not that it matters really, every quest is “Go here, kill everything, come back,” but still, ONE quest is in Russian. C’mon. I also found another quest that I couldn’t actually accept! The best part about that is, because I couldn’t accept it, it wouldn’t go away, so it ALWAYS showed up on the map. Criminy, this game had so much GOD DAMNED potential, and the dev just “released” it and ran. God damn that makes me angry, because this game deserves better, and so do we, as its fans. Well, former fans.

Last night’s podcast was SO FUN you guys. I mean, they usually are a lot of fun, but this one even more so than usual because Andrew Greenberg was such a fun guest. He had a lot of great stories about not only stuff Fading Suns related, but a TON more. Definitely worth a listen if you missed it.

Today’s News

Today’s Deal(s)

  • None! What? I know!

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Noble Armada: Lost Worlds – For last night’s show, I had to record footage of this game, which I was nervous about because I, as previously stated, am terrible at it. Well, after some more fiddling about, I seemed to be getting better at it. I think once I was told that it not only has mostly-realistic physics, but is meant to be played like an Age of Fighting Sail game, such as Wooden Ships and Iron Men, that it makes a LOT more sense. I’ll definitely be diving more into this one soon.

That’s it for today y’all! Have a lovely day!

Author: Brian Rubin

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