Coming Down Off a High – Daily Dispatch for 9/19/18

Look! More Star Trek: Legacy! Yay?

Opening/Random Thoughts

Doing this thing called Space Game Junkie has had a lot of high moments for me. From building an amazing community to discovering wonderful new games to talking to folks behind some of my favorite games, such as Freespace 2 or Klingon Academy. Last night was another high point, as I got to talk to Greg Johnson, the lead guy on Starflight 1 and 2, and now heading up the currently-crowdfunding Starflight 3: Universe. It took me a while to come down off the high of talking to him last night, I tell you what. They say never meet your heroes. I say never meet them UNLESS they’re video game developers, because they’re THE BEST.

Today’s Video(s)

As stated above, last night we got to talk to Greg Johnson and Anthony Vaughn about the Starflight series (mostly), and it was a true delight. Hearing the stories about how the first game came to pass, what a surprising success it was and so on, and even getting asked questions in return, was just one of the highlights of doing this whole endeavor thing I do. If you’ve not backed their campaign, please do, because it’s gonna be great.

On a more somber note, today’s episode of Star Trek: Legacy is almost a bit too difficult, but that’s more to the mission design and confusing controls rather than to any skill (or lack thereof) on my part. Man, this game feels just like a mess of a thing.

Today’s News

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What I’ve Been Playing

  • Helium Rain – With the announcement of 1.0 in beta, I decided to start a new save to see how much has changed, and holy cow, a lot. It feels like the mature game it deserves to be, with a better interface, more impressive graphics and so on. I played for a while yesterday, because it’s just so easy to get lost in this world. This is gonna be such an amazing game once its released.
  • Galactic Dominion – Since the dev has been so busy improving the quality of the game, I figured I’d revisit it. Truth be told, it’s a better game now than when I took a look at it last, and the developer should be commended for their continued work on it. I’m excited to get back to it, truth be told.
  • Din’s Legacy – Until I hit a major bug yesterday, I was having a great time. Well that is until my companion got turned into a zombie. He still fought by my side though, interestingly enough.
  • Final Days – This top-down zombie shooter came out of early access yesterday, and after trying the demo, I just had to have it. It’s fast, fun, sharp to control and violent as all heck. I can’t wait to try this in co-op, but even single player has great bots at your side.

That’s it for today, my friends! Have a lovely rest of your day!

Author: Brian Rubin

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