Video is So Important – Daily Dispatch for 9/6/18

This Comes Out Today!

Opening/Random Thoughts

So this is the first digest I’ve done using this new format without any video to go with it. A video is the centerpiece of this whole thing. It kind of ties the room together, like the rug in The Big Lebowski. Not having one is just SO WEIRD you guys. I use the gist of the day’s video to come up with the titles for these things, but today, no video. What the heck?! Tomorrow there will be a video, as tonight we’re playing Geneshift for our weekly LAN Party, and I cannot WAIT. The developer is testing a new, quick battle royale mode, and it is SO fun. It’s the first battle royale mode in anything I’ve ever played, and it’s super great. I hope y’all will tune in.

And now for the stuff y’all are really here for.

Today’s Video(s)

OMG THERE ISN’T ONE TODAY. I am such a slacker sometimes. ;) Actually, truthfully I just get worn down sometimes and need a break. Y’all know how that is.

Today’s News

Today’s Deals

None of these today either!

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Arms Race – TCWE – With the help of the developer, I got this working on the correct monitor! Finally! It’s fun too. I love political games where you don’t have to physically move armies around and such, and this seems to scratch that itch. But not enough, so I also loaded up…
  • Realpolitiks – I’ve never gotten past the tutorial of this, since the last time I tried it crashed. But this time I’m getting further in, so they seemed to have fixed it. I’m really liking this one so far.

That’s it for today y’all! Have a great one, and we’ll see you tonight online for Genestorm!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Video is So Important – Daily Dispatch for 9/6/18

  1. Funny, I read SGJ, and listen to SGJ, but generally don’t watch the videos. Maybe I’m weird.

  2. Hah, to be honest I don’t have time to watch a lot of videos from other folks either. :/

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