A Touch of Anxiety – Daily Dispatch for 10/8/18


Opening/Random Thoughts

Hey folks, happy Monday! I hope y’all had a lovely weekend! I certainly did. We had a great movie day on Saturday, where we watched classics like Birdemic and Thankskilling (trust me, a lot of alcohol was involved) and yesterday I had fun recording the video for this week’s game of the week, Origin Space.

I also took the next big step toward my big upgrade: I ordered my next monitor, the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q. It looks like it’s gonna be an amazing monitor to take advantage of the Nvidia 2080 Ti video card, running at 1440p. I also ordered three of these monitor arms to manipulate the monitors on my fairly small desk. I have a plan as to how to make this work with my limited space, and I’ll get to try it out this coming weekend. I need to make sure I can support the monitors while keeping space for all the stuff I still have on my desk.

Since I’m THIS CLOSE to doing this now (I’m gonna order the rest of the PC parts once the video card ships), I’m being filled with all these little anxieties, such as whether the video card will fit in the case I’ve chosen and so on. It’s silly and irrational, and I know it, so thankfully I can deal with it, but I will be so, so happy when everything is done, built and working. SO EXCITING. :)

Today’s Video(s)

Origin Space came out of early access last week, to everyone’s surprise. The reason we were all surprised is because the game hadn’t been updated in over half a year, and it still seemed incomplete. Welp, the game is still very much problematic. It has missing elements like one of its three classes or the entire crafting element of the game. It’s also super buggy. Some quests don’t work, some are in Russian, and some enemy ships just sit there, waiting to be shot down.

Despite all that…it’s a fun game. It’s fun to kill enemies in a variety of ways, especially here because you’re super overpowered, so you just kill EVERYTHING in your way. I’d say if you’re a massive ARPG fan, as I am, you should get this on a deep sale or a bundle if at all, but besides that, I’d avoid it. This kind of game abandonment shouldn’t really be rewarded. It’s a real shame because there’s the foundation for a fantastic game here.

Today’s News

  • Star Traders: Frontiers has hit a major milestone with their “RELIC” update, which adds a major salvaging mechanic and a lot more.
  • EVE Online has released the info for their October Release, which seems to mostly focus on balance changes.
  • Galaxy Squad has a developer post talking about the story being written for the game, as well as its first cutscene.
  • Infinity: Battlescape will be having a beta access weekend event this coming weekend.
  • Evolvation has launched a rebranded 2.0 version of the game, which is also free as the developer’s way to apologize for mishandling of the revoking of some illegal keys, which caused some legit keys to be revoked as well.
  • The Away Team is getting a “Lost Exodus” update later this month with an expanded story, enhanced exploration and more.
  • Spacebourne has release not one, not two, but three patches since the game came out LAST FRIDAY. That’s really impressive if you ask me.
  • Solar Explorer: New Dawn got a big patch which fixes controller support and more.
  • Angels Fall First got a fairly big hotfix for bugs that cropped up in the latest big update.
  • Hyperspace Delivery Service got both a big patch and a little hotfix. I love when developers are really active with their games.
  • Heat Signature has a post detailing more of their birthday update, along with some patched fixes.
  • Objects in Space got a patch with a bunch of small fixes.
  • AI War 2 got a patch with a lot of UI polish and more.
  • Beat Hazard 2 got two small patches.
  • After the Collapse, which isn’t a space game, but is made by the guy who made the fantastic Unending Galaxy, dropped on Steam today.

Today’s Deal(s)

  • Fanatical is having a THQ Nordic sale with the usual suspects such as Nexus: The Jupiter Incident.
  • GOG is having a huge weekly sale, which includes the original Master of Orion games, Freespace 2 and plenty more.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Spacebourne – This game is GREAT. Seriously, it has elements of Freelancer, Starpoint Gemini Warlords and more! It’s still janky as hell, and it will likely run a lot better on my new rig (which is when I’ll record a video of it), but wow, this thing is so fun. Really enjoying the combat, the upgrades, the dialogue and so on. The only downside is that running around stations is a bit tedious, but it could be worse I suppose.

That’s it for today y’all. Have a lovely day, and I’ll see ya back here tomorrow!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “A Touch of Anxiety – Daily Dispatch for 10/8/18

  1. I have been using an ASUS PG279Q with a GTX1080 for a couple of years now. It is a fantastic monitor and the 1440p resolution is definitely the sweet spot for a 27″ monitor.

    1. Yeah, in lieu of being able to see all the monitors I wanted to in person, I went with the one that seemed most universally lauded. Can’t wait for it.

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