Sort of a Slow Day – Daily Dispatch for 10/17/18

So Expansive, Yet So Busy.

Opening/Random Thoughts

Guys, I am on pins and needles here. The folks at EVGA said that the 2080 Ti video card I preordered six weeks ago should finally ship today or tomorrow. It’s likely not shipping today, so tomorrow should HOPEFULLY be the day, and all I can do is refresh my order page. After weeks of reading and research, I FINALLY have a build that I feel comfortable enough with to have little to no anxiety about it. ALL I NEED IS THE VIDEO CARD. Once that ships, I’ll order the rest. I am so, SO tired of not having enough drive space to play the stuff I am DYING to play, like The Division or Steep or Elder Scrolls Online. I want my new machine, dangit.

Today’s Video(s)

Today in Helium Rain, I get THIS MUCH CLOSER to building my second ship. Sadly there are still ships in the queue ahead of mine, but I’m making decent money supplying the shipyard with the stuff it needs to finish them. I’m also trying some simple trading to get a handle on the economy. This game is a slow burn and I love it.

Last night we talked to the developer of Starcom: Nexus for his first ever podcast! We had a great time talking not only about the game — which we’re all admittedly enamored with — but also about being an indie developer, surviving on Steam, building an audience, marketing and much more. It was a really fun show, and I’m glad that, even though YouTube itself died near the end of our show — which has never happened — it still caught the entirety of the broadcast. Well done, YouTube.

Today’s News

  • Battlestar Galactica Deadlock has a new dev diary about their upcoming Anabasis DLC that drops tomorrow, and the patch that’ll go along with it.
  • Skin Deep was announced by Blendo — the folks behind the Flotilla games — today, which looks to be a first-person Die Hard on a spaceship. You can wishlist it on Steam if you’d like.
  • Star Traders: Frontiers got a pretty big update that includes a new freighter-class ship and more!
  • Objects in Space posted an update that lays out the proposed roadmap to 1.0, including additions to the sandbox mode and multiplayer!
  • STARDROP got a content update with German localization and much more.
  • Overload got its first patch in a while, with tons of fixes and a few additions.
  • AI War 2 got a hefty patch with balance and quality-of-life fixes.
  • Spacebourne got a patch which removed its launcher, added an auto save slot and more.
  • Heat Signature got a small patch which fixes its leaderboards.

Today’s Deal(s)

  • Fanatical has an AMAZING Origins Bundle which includes the wonderful Rebel Galaxy at the $1 tier, which is a steal!

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Star Singularity – The developer sent me a key for an early version of this open-world twin-stick shooter thing, and boy is it fun. It has simple yet effective crafting, fun weapons, lots of things to craft and loot and fun missions! I’ve really enjoyed my short time with it so far, and can’t wait to play more.

So yeah, as you can see, not a ton going on today, but a pretty good day nonetheless. Have a great one y’all!

Author: Brian Rubin

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