StarDrive 2 Announced

Pew Pewness

Pew Pewness

This morning, Iceberg Interactive sent word that StarDrive 2 has been officially announced. This time a turn-based 4X rather than solely real-time, but retaining real-time combat, developer Dan DiCicco says:

…we have taken everything we have learned – our successes, our failures, and our passion – and made a 4x game that we are incredibly proud of.

Interestingly enough, owners of the first game will get a 33% discount on the sequel, which ain’t nothing to sneeze at I s’pose. Click the cut for the press release and my initial reactions…

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Get Games Has Some Spacey Game Deals

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Still the Best Graphic for the Job…

Hey folks, I’m swaaaaamped here, but I wanted to let y’all know that Get Games has some deals involving spacey games.

First, they have a Get Loaded deal wherein you can choose five games from a selection twenty games for $8, and these include:

  • Lunar Flight
  • Unstoppable Gorg
  • and Stellar Impact

Then, they have a selection of Extra Terrestrial Deals, which includes:

If someone were to ask me what the best deal there is, I’d say the Get Loaded bundle if it included Lunar Flight and Unstoppable Gorg at least. Happy savings!! :)


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Spacey Game News and Deals 1/17/14: Everybody’s Working for the Weekend Edition

News Satellite Dish


Hello my friends, and happy Friday! It has been a CRAAAAAAAAAZY week for me, so I’ve not had time to put a news thingy together until today, but there’s some good stuff incoming, so let’s get right to it!

But wait, we’re not done!! We have DEALS! First off, the latest Humble Bundle includes Strike Suit Zero if you pay the (at the time of this writing) average of $5.38 or above. THEN, Kerbal Space Program is on sale at Green Man Gaming for $18.08, BUT, if you use coupon code GMG25-0YUM5-VKMVU, it bring the price FURTHER down to $13.56, which might be the cheapest I’ve yet seen it. Thanks Reddit! Finally, today’s Daily Royale deal is StarDrive which is going for $11.99 and has 67 hours and 482 keys left as I write this.

Wow, that’s all the stuff just in the last WEEK folks. If this keeps up, 2014 is going to be a VERY busy year. Have a great weekend y’all!!!

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SGJ Podcast #44: Looking Back at 2013 (And Other Randomness)

2013 In a Nutshell...

2013 In a Nutshell…

Hey folks, welcome to 2014!! We’re back with our weekly brand of insanity, and this week, Jim and I take a look back at 2013, as well as talk about some other random stuff, both space and non-space related. Hope y’all don’t mind. ;)

As always, we invite you to subscribe to us on RSS or iTunes, and look forward to your comments below. Thanks for listening! :)

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Spacey Game News and Deals 10/10/13: Busy News Day!

Stack of Newspapers

It Just Keeps Stacking Up…

Hey folks, how are y’all! I hope y’all are having a fabulous day! I’m still half asleep my own self, but I’m getting by. Thankfully I have some time and energy to do news today, so let’s hop to it:

  • Star Citizen – Later today, at 6:30 PM Central Time, there will be a livestream of Citizen Con from Austin, Texas, in which Chris Roberts and his team will lay out what’s been done for the game and what’s coming next. I hope they archive it because I’ll be in my car at that point. ;)
  • Space Rangers HD – The release date for this exciting new installment in the beloved Space Rangers series is due next week, on 10/17, and you can read all about it on Blue’s since I can’t link to the actual press release on Games Press (which is behind a login wall). Can’t wait!
  • Elite: Dangerous – According to a story on Develop, this game will be getting Oculus Rift support! Man I’m gonna need to get me one of these…
  • PULSAR: Lost Colony – The devs have added a new $40 reward tier that gets you an art book and the opportunity to name a random galaxy.
  • The Mandate – Via a Kickstarter update, the devs have created a page on the dynamics of crewmanship and a page on the game’s music. They also now have forums for you to use.
  • Star Conflict – There’s a new dev blog detailing some features in the latest version of the game such as an improved H.U.D. and matchmaking balancing. The game will also be streamed on DigestNet tomorrow at 21:00 Moscow time.
  • Wayward: Terran Frontier – The official site has a teensy tiny little status update.
  • Ring Runner – There’s a new patch on the way, and you can read all about it on their Facebook page.
  • X Rebirth – Now on Steam, you can order the collector’s edition of the game along with the regular version. The collector’s edition includes two soundtracks, and video and other bonuses.
  • Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager – There’s a beefy dev update on the Matrix forums with lots of awesome info.
  • Wing Commander – The Concordia Hangar that Howard Day has been working on now also has a Sabre fighter. It’s pretty awesome, so check it out!
  • Star Trek Online – There’s another dev blog on the Avenger-class cruiser, which is now for sale apparently.
  • EVE Online – CCP is now offering their own new player training sessions, which is damned awesome of them. The Mittani also has word of FIVE supercarriers going down within a couple of days. Craaaaaaazy.
  • Escaping Titan – The Broken Crown folks have a new website, go check it out!
  • Star Strike – This wasn’t a computer game, per se, but Old Game Magazines has an awesome old ad for it nonetheless.

Now there is one deal today. StarDrive is Steam’s daily deal, going for $10.19. While many, including myself, feel the game is still incomplete, the developer apparently feels it can “can stand on its own two legs” according to this interview, and is already eying moving onto another game in the series, so whether this is a deal is up to you. ;)

That’s it for today folks, have a good one!


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Spacey Game Sales Underway!

Tons of Space Games on Sale!

Save Your Moneys!

Hey guys! I’m still chipping away at that massive news post I keep promising with now about three weeks of news (around 150 items currently) backlogged, but some sales hit today that I wanted to make y’all aware of. First, Amazon is having a massive Last Summer Deals sale which includes some spacey goodness such as:

Steam is also having an unexpected sale, this time to celebrate one year of Steam Greenlight. Spacey game deals include:

If someone was to ask me what the best deals here were, I’d say X3: Gold in the Amazon sale (since it also includes Alnion Prelude, which is pretty decent) and Ring Runner. On Steam, though there’s not much of a game there yet, Kinetic Void has a ton of potential, so it’s a small price to pay for what hopefully will be a great game. Enjoy!

Edit: This just dropped as I wrote this post, but there’s a massive Paradox Humble Weekly Bundle that, white at its base doesn’t include any space games, if you pay $125 you get nearly fifty Paradox games which includes Sword of the Stars II. I’ll likely get the smaller bundle just for the soundtracks alone my own self, but wow, overall that’s a damned fine deal.


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SGJ Podcast #24: 4X Fatigue, Fascination & Frivolity



Heeeeeeeyyyyy folks, how are ya? Welcome to this latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I don’t have a guest (MUAHAHAHAHAH!), so we talk about 4X games, my fascination, and Jim’s current fatigue with ‘em. We also talk news and a few other things, but we’re surprisingly more on-point than we usually are without a guest. ;)

As always, we look forward to your comments below, invite you to subscribe to us through RSS or iTunes, and thank you so much for listening. Enjoy!

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SGJ Podcast #21: Down and Dirty with Distant Worlds

Such a Pretty, Busy Galaxy...

Such a Pretty, Busy Galaxy…

Helllooo friends, and welcome to another awesome (we like to think) episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I sit down with Matrix Games Director of Product Development and Business Relations, Erik Rutins and Code Force founder and Distant Worlds creator/lead developer, Elliott Gibbs to talk (or in my case, gush) about Distant Worlds, as well as some businessy talk about Matrix Games too. It all made for a lively and spirited discussion, and we all hope you enjoy it. :)

As always, we welcome your comments below and invite you to subscribe to us through RSS or iTunes. Thanks for listening, and have an awesome day!

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SGJ Podcast #19: Random Rambly Bits of Randomness, and Physics!

This Episode Makes About as Much Sense as This Picture.

This Episode Makes About as Much Sense as This Picture.

Hello folks, and welcome to episode 19 of the Space Game Junkie podcast! This week, Jim and I have no guest, and you know what thaaaaat meannnnns. WE TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING. Well, almost everything, both on and off topic, and we kinda have a topic, but we skim it because I’m neither prepared nor intelligent enough to discuss it at length. ;)

As always, please throw your thoughts our way, as we love to hear them, and thanks so much for listening! Enjoy!

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Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 6/27-28/13: The OMFG-IT’S-FINALLY-F%^&ING-FRIDAY Edition

Drink In the News...

Freaking Yay! News!

Hellllooooo friends, and happy Friday! What a freaking WEEK this has been, so busy and full of stuff, yet I am so, SO thrilled its over. I’ll likely not get any gaming time this weekend since I’ll be in San Diego for a Transformers convention (yeah, I’m one of THOSE people ;), but I’ve gotten some good gaming in lately, what about you guys? We have some fun news and deals to finish off the week, so let’s dive in!

  • Star Citizen – There’s a live stream thingy going on RIGHT NOW, and as part of that, they’ve revealed new stretch goals, a new Avenger fighter and a new website! If you have an account on the site, head over there ASAP to migrate your account from the old site to the new one. Man, the 300i is still for sale. Speaking of ships, each one costs $35,000 or more to produce, according VGN24/7. Wheeee!
  • Ring Runner – According to a press release, the game will be available finally on July 9th! Yay! If you’ve don’t know why I’m excited, check out our podcast with the lead dev. :)
  • Retrobooster – Terry, the lead programmer, wrote in to mention that tomorrow there’s going to be this day-long thingy called The Greenlight Supershow which showcases several games that are on greenlight including this one, Syder Arcade and GoD Factory: Wingmen. Check it out if you can, Retrobooster will be on at 10:30 PM, Syder Arcade will be on at 11:30 AM, and GoD Factory: Wingmen will be on at 5:30 PM, all Eastern time. If I was gonna be at home tomorrow, I’d totally tune in, but alas…
  • GoD Factory: Wingmen – Speaking of this game, the Penny Arcade Report has an article looking at the dev team behind the game.
  • Outer Wilds – Thanks to Therlun over on Broken Forum for the lead on this one. It looks like a space exploration game, but the twist is that the universe resets every 20 minutes except for your character. Love that, so I have to try it, as do you all, since y’all can download it. ;)
  • Enemy Starfighter – New update, yay! This one includes some screenshots of the game’s terrain generator. Waaaaant.
  • Dominium – Their blog has a lengthy post on weapons which looks like a great read.
  • Star Trek Online – The latest Summer Event is now live, and focuses on the newly-released Risian resort island. Man, Risa is always trouble, I’d stay away…
  • Galactose – Seems like they took our advice and posted an update! This time we get to see new art! Yay!
  • Freespace Open – The folks at Hard Light are having a modding contest, and they’ve now opened it to first-time modders, so go check it out!

That’s not all folks, we have some deals on Steam today, which include:

  • Space Pirates and Zombies can be played for FREE this weekend on Steam, and is freaking 80% off at only $1.99. If you’ve not played this gem of a game, GO AND DO SO NOW.
  • Endless Space is having a weekend deal in Steam, and you can get the base game for $10.19 and with the new Disharmony expansion for $17.49.
  • StarDrive is the daily deal on Steam today, and you can get it for 50% off at $14.99.

In related news, Space Sector has an article on the technology behind making a 4X game. Then, Brent of Beyond Beyaan fame wrote in to let us know thats some folks at American Southern University have launched the “Save Atari” project which strives to raise money through IndieGoGo to acquire the various properties on sale from Atari through it’s bankruptcy proceedings. It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on this one.

Finally, in kinda-related stuff, the dev behind the Race to Mars Kickstarter wrote in and asked me to help pimp their project, so there ya go. ;)

That’s it folks. Have an awesome weekend! :)


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