SGJ Podcast #12: A Potpourri of Pew Pew

So! Much! Color!
So! Much! Color!

Haaaaaaaaayyyy guuuuuuuuys, how are ya? Sorry for the delay in this week’s podcast episode, but Jim and I were both busier than usual this week with the real life nonsense. That said, we had no guest this past week, so we just caught up on what we’ve been playing, the news and all sorts of other stuff. It was a fun time, so we hope you enjoy it.

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Podcast #12 Show Notes

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9 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #12: A Potpourri of Pew Pew

  1. Speaking of games that let you walk around outside a ship as well as fly it, and of games with just a few interesting planets, did you ever try Precursors?

    I heard about it via GWJ a couple years ago. It’s another really ambitious game made by a small (in this case, Ukrainian) studio, and IME, suffers from the problems that implies — I never got far enough in to get a spaceship. But it tries hard.

    1. Hey misplacedbravado, welcome! As for your question, I toyed with it a bit ago but never got into space. I hear it’s awesomely quirky in it’s awesomeness. :) Dunno if you can walk around inside ships though. Parkan II lets you do that, however, :)

  2. Hmm, listening to describing of Strike Suit games, i;ve tried to recall a similar experience. Like game with some flying or transforming robots. Well, apart from lotsa non-translated Japanese Gundam-spawned games and hellishly difficult Robotech Battlecry, two titles has come to my mind:
    1. A dazzling, fast, but a little bit simpleminded GunMetal (XBOX 2002, PC 2005). Man, it was really fun. There was a missions, but most of the time it was like “heck, just shoot everything that moves to win”
    2. An unexpectedly compelling Battle Engine Aquila (XBOX, PS2, PC 2003). It was really reminding me of XWing sometimes – most missions was a puzzle, and you rarely get them on the first try. And you were not alone on the battlefield – you have support units and you need to support them also. And “shoot everything” just doesn’t cut in anymore – pay attention and cover your troops or lose mission. Highly recommened.

    1. I’ve played both game and ironically, both of them are completely opposing each other; Gunmetal: War Transformed was fast-paced, but fairly straightforward, lack of allies NPC presence (you pretty much one-man army-ing everything on every mission) and seriously lack of unlockables aside of weapon unlocks, while BEA was much slower-paced (SPOILER: your mech hates water so badly, and it only can transforms for a very limited period), have (some) branching paths, allied AI involvement was quite substansial (and usually there’s a lot of them), huge bosses and whatnots (which is pretty much ‘giant enemy crab, attack the weak point for massive damage’ enemy) and ‘expert’ version of levels (which is ridiculously difficult, but IIRC you must unlock it to get the ‘true’ ending) and tons of unlockables (once again, they’re seriously difficult to unlock since most of them demands S-rank for those damn hard levels).

        1. More or less, it seems. Although I spent more time on BEA because it has tons and tons of unlockables.

  3. I’ve been looking for a space game podcast for months.. glad i stumbled on you guys.

    Just one thing, one of you mentioned the pinball game as Zen Pinball. It’s actually The pinball arcade :) I’m a big pinball fan too so my eyes lit up when you mentioned TNG pinball table! :)

    1. Hey, welcome to the site DanieruX, and I hope you’ve been enjoying the podcast. :) Might you have a link for the pinball game, please?

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