Lots of Sevens… – Hailing Frequencies Open for 7/17/17

Sweet. Upgrades!

Hello my friends, and happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty busy but overall good! Friday I actually got a bit of gaming time to myself, which was VERY welcome. I was able to get in around two hours with Lord of the Rings Online, which was the kind of relaxation I SORELY needed. LOTRO can be intense sometimes, but most of the time it’s relaxing just doing quests and exploring the gorgeous world of Middle Earth. Much of the time has been spent playing an Elven archer, but now I want to return to my Man minstrel. Minstrels are fascinating characters in LOTRO. They’re like an artillery class, able to deal massive damage at a distance just by strumming some chords. I kinda love how this kind of character has been included in the game. Before you ask, I’m not gonna be buying the recently-announced Mordor expansion for a while, as my highest level character is only in their 30s, so I wanna enjoy the journey on my way to level 105.

Saturday I got absolutely no gaming in, as we were out much of the day, and worked on wedding stuff in the evening. Much of Sunday was also taken up with wedding stuff, but I was able to spend time with this week’s game of the week, 1996’s Gazillionaire Deluxe and the modern web-based version of the game.

I was inspired to play Gazillionaire a while back after playing — and enjoying the everloving hell out of — Space Bucks. When these games originally came out, they looked boring to me, as I just ultimately wanted to shoot stuff. Once I saw how much fun the economic side of space can be, I decided to give this game a whirl, and I’m glad I did. They’re similar in that the end goal is to make money, but the execution is very different. While Space Bucks has you making deals across planets as the owner of a larger company, building facilities, managing a fleet and the like, in Gazillionaire, you’re basically an independent space trucker. You use your cargo and your passenger compartments to haul commodities and passengers to the various planets, buying low and selling high (hopefully). While it’s definitely more micro, it’s not any less fun, and while I enjoyed Space Bucks more, ultimately, this game is a really fun diversion.

This week my gaming opportunities will be sporadic at best. Tomorrow for the podcast, our guest had to reschedule, so it’ll be something of a mixed show, with news and what not.  Not sure if that’ll require gameplay of anything, but we’ll see. Borderlands 2 on Thursday might be it until the weekend. Even the weekend is pretty busy, so hopefully, I’ll be able to fit in something beyond next week’s game.

Anyway, enough about me, there’s a lot of news and deals to go over, so let’s dive in!

But wait, there’s more! As it’s Monday, Steam has a new set of Weeklong Deals, including:

Finally, I’m unsure why, and it’s not a space game, but GOG has the amazing Freedom Force games on sale, and any gamer deserves to own copies of these unique and amazing games.

That’s it for today folks. Have a great one!

Author: Brian Rubin

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