Hailing Frequencies Open – 4/24/17 – Greetings, Starfighter.

Get Back Here You.

Hey folks, happy Monday! I hope y’all had a fabulous weekend! Mine was insahaaanely busy. Friday night I recorded most of my videos for the week (which I’ll talk about in a moment), Saturday I spent a majority of the day at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books (which was super draining but super awesome), and Sunday I was out much of the day at a birthday party, so sadly not a ton of gaming.

Much of my gaming this past weekend was to cover this week’s Game of the Week, Flatspace IIk, the oddly-named third in the Flatspace series. If you’re unaware, these are basically top-down, open world space game that allow you to mine, trade, fight, bounty hunt or scavenge (among other things) to your heart’s content. In this first video, I take on the role of a mercenary (the game has nearly a dozen professions, all fairly different), and do a lot of taxi missions, but I like those, so I have a great time and make some dang good money, enough to upgrade my hyperdrive. This is the kind of grind I do not at all mind.

Saturday I was able to sneak a little Lord of the Rings Online in, which was the kind of relaxation I needed after a busy, hot-as-hell day at the Festival of Books. Sunday the only gaming I really got in was finishing up the Flatspace series, so yeah, not a ton of gaming this weekend. Next weekend I should have a bit more time for gaming beyond just the game of the week, so I hope to get a little time with the most recent iteration of Starsector and hopefully a few other titles that need covering. I’m really looking forward to next week’s game of the week, Between the Ashes, a fantastic-looking Freespace 2 mod.

This coming week is going to be a bit busier than usual, what with the upcoming Monthly MMO Meetup this coming Sunday. Tomorrow’s podcast will be a great time, as will Worms Armageddon, but I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to some Discovery Freelancer. Now, there’s a lot of news and deals to cover, so let’s dive in:

Now, since it’s Monday, we have a ton of sales! First off, on Steam’s weeklong list, we have:

Also on steam is a daily deal of Space Engineers! Moving away from Steam, GOG has a weekly sale with lots of Arcen goodness, and SilaGames has Space Rangers HD for a song. The WinGameStore has so many deals, we need another bulleted list!

Whew! That should do it for today! Thanks for reading y’all, and I’ll see ya tomorrow! Have a great one!

Author: Brian Rubin

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