Let’s Play StarDrive 2 – Entry 1 – Who’s Driving This Thing?


Welcome to a new let’s play series covering StarDrive 2! While I wasn’t too keen on the first game, I’ve been enjoying my time with the sequel immensely, and now I get to take the release version for a spin! Yay! Join me as I go through the races, touch upon the tutorials and begin making decisions for my people which will ultimately make or break them! In this first installment, we talk about the races, the various menus, navigating around the universe, some combat (retreating, really) and a lot more. It’s fun so far, but the beginning/exploration phase of 4X games are usually my favorite, so we’ll see if it holds my interest! Stay tuned for more, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play StarDrive 2 – Entry 1 – Who’s Driving This Thing?

  1. Staying on the fence about this one Brian until I see more videos from you. I am all about second chances but for those of us who purchased the first game on Steam, we’re stuck with the first game which had a number of serious issues. While it was king of the developers to offer a 33 percent discount on this second iteration, I’m still wary that this game may well be abandoned as well. It’s going to take a bit of convincing for me as Star Ruler 2 is proving to be an amazing game. So, I’ll be watching. :)

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