Massive Newsey Updatey Thingy!!

All those little dots are news stories...
So Many Pieces of News…

Haaaaaaaayyyyy folks, happy Whenever-I-Finally-Post-This! ;) I hope these last weeks have found you all well, and less busy/tired than I’ve been. ;) I’ve just not had time to do the news (or much else) in the past several weeks. That’s a-changing though, for a couple of reasons. First, work is slowing down, so I’ll have more physical and mental energy to put toward the blog. Secondly, I found I was more productive on the blog before my awesome girlfriend moved in, so I’ve come up with the hopeful solution of setting aside certain nights of the week, and weekends when I have time, to dedicate time and energy solely to this blog. This should help me find a better balance and begin to put out content more regularly again. :)

As for news, let’s just dive in, as there’s a TON to go over (so much so I’m putting it under a cut):

We’re not done yet! First, in deals, you can get Galaxy on Fire II HD for $4.99 on Green Man Gaming right now. FINALLY, there are some great entries on the Concept Ships blog from Roberts Space Industries, Dorje Bellbrook and Colie Wertz.

That’s it! Enjoy the videos below, and have a great day!

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  1. So much to check out! Being looking forward to this since I got the email notification. Definitely be needing coffee!

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