SGJ Podcast #44: Looking Back at 2013 (And Other Randomness)

2013 In a Nutshell...
2013 In a Nutshell…

Hey folks, welcome to 2014!! We’re back with our weekly brand of insanity, and this week, Jim and I take a look back at 2013, as well as talk about some other random stuff, both space and non-space related. Hope y’all don’t mind. ;)

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Episode #44 Show Notes:

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Non-Space Game Stuff

Author: Brian Rubin

11 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #44: Looking Back at 2013 (And Other Randomness)

    1. Hey Space, welcome to the comments! We were talking about the PS3 EYE camera, which you can get used at GameStop for $10.

      1. Ah! Thank you. Already bidding. I’ve done worse things with $10. Just threw it at the Drox expansion as-well, seeing as how it’s $5 base at GG.

        Also, thanks for the second welcome, but that’s just a prevailing Razer bug I’m afraid. Suddenly Synapse believes I want to hit enter a hundred times.

  1. I still giggle when I see PixelFrazzer; I was reading one of the Ciaphas Cain books the night before, so I was in exactly the right mindset for “PIXELS FOR THE PIXEL GOD!”. I may never get that out of my head.

    Neuromancer is good, though dated at this point; reality has somewhat left it behind. It sits on the shelf next to Dune and a select few other books. Burning Chrome is also good; it’s a collection of short stories, the one New Rose Hotel comes from. As an aside, if you hate Gibson as a screenwriter you’ll probably still like him as an author; I think he’s way better on paper than on the screen.

    If you do read Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and like it, *don’t*, whatever you do, read Zodiac. It’s also by Neal Stephenson, but (at least I found) it laid his formula completely bare. I found after Zodiac I couldn’t read his books any more; it was like I’d managed to pry the box open and found a little hamster running in a wheel driving it all. Well, that, and Stephenson doesn’t so much end a book as swerve it abruptly into a bridge abutment. Snow Crash is a pretty good ride, though.

  2. Oh my, Brian, are you still pissed off from my comment about compairing SC2 and Starflignt the wrong way? Don’t man, like, seriously. Just imagine my pain: getting to know Starflight AFTER playing SC2, which was is a logical evolution of a first. I was sooo wanted to play it firstly. But well, can’t change the flow of time.
    Just have pity on us, poor Russians. we were playing what we can get our hands on. I have no way to play games until 1993, when we got a 386DX for 2000 $, which was a “OMG, holy shitload of money” in Russia at that time, and only ’cause my father was working on it, and i was sneaking minutes playing games around him. Plus we have no way to buy games – no import whatsoever. So we have been exchanging and copying pirated floppies. I’m now bying out on GOG most of thing i have played at that time.
    Talking about oldies – now reading old 80-90th “Computer Gaming world” magazine at museum site and crying out of nostalgia.

    Thanks for your work on podcast. Hope you will continue to bring joy to our hearts in 2014. To best spacegaming podcast ever – Kampai! (i heard you were chiming glasses on background)

    1. AAww, sorry man, it’s just a running joke at this point, meant to be funny. :)

      1. Well, you got me there then. Guess all that “late night play” has gotten the best of my sense of humor. It’s standard ” you can select 2 out of 3″ choice for me: family, games, sleep. And i trying to alternate and survive in process.

        1. No worries man. Rule number one of Brian: Never take Brian Seriously. Rule number 2: Always remember rule number one.

  3. I wonder how many webcams Jim has sold with this episode. :D

    (I haven’t gotten one yet, but I’m tempted. The nearest GameStop is a little inconvenient for me to get to, though, and they seem to be a little more expensive on eBay.)

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