StarDrive: Trust Me, Stuff DID Happen, I Just Don’t Have Pics to Back it Up…

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7 Responses

  1. zircher says:

    Did you get to play out the Remnant story line?

  2. Kordanor says:

    If you have a second pc or second monitor I’d suggest to open the fraps saving directory on the other screen. That way you can confirm with a short look that it’s indeed recording.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      The funny thing I usually do, but for some reason this time I maximized the notepad upon which I take notes for these articles. Ugh. :/

  3. Mezmorki says:

    I’ve been struggling with StarDrive. I bought it a few months back when in Beta, played it some then; and again when the release version was …. well … released. I just don’t get excited by the game right now at all. It has some great ideas I think – but I’m just not finding the gameplay to be something that sucks me in at all.

    Part of the issue for me is the interface font – it’s almost unreadable for me. So it’s physically frustrating to play the game; which doesn’t help. Second on the list is just the overall lack of feedback about WTF is going on in the game. I send colony ships off and die a silent death to pirates with no notification (for instance). The whole economy + management aspect of the game just feels very “mushy” to me. Probably also tied to a lack of clear feedback and sense of accomplishment/progression.

    I haven’t given up yet either – but it’s really low priority for the games I want to play unfortunetly.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      You know what man? I feel exactly the same way. I had a little free time yesterday, but instead of using it to play StarDrive, I watched Arrow and played Strike Suit Infinity. Not a great sign for the future reviews. :/ I mean dude, I chose a cheesy superhero show over a space game. That’s a problem. ;)

  4. Doug says:

    I’m going to agree with you guys; this game is a) not fully baked, and b) not terribly engaging. I was one of the Desura backers that hasn’t yet received a Steam key, and after grumbling about that for awhile I sucked it up and bought it on Steam, since I wanted to see what all of the fuss (and constant web ad bombardment) was all about. I have to say I’m pretty disappointed. Like Brian, I’ve found the fleet editor function to not be very robust, and the economy and other management aspects to not measure up to what I’m used to in other games. The universe feels really, really empty and really, really small, as well.

    Fortunately DW: Shadows should be out soon, and I’ll have that to play instead.

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