Spacey Game News and Deals 3/8/13: Prepping for The Weekend

Drink In the News...

Hey everyone, happy Friday! It’s the weekend, and I might actually get to play some games for the first time in over a WEEK. I am going through physical withdrawal, so I NEED to get some gaming in, not only to make the shaking stop, but to put more content on the site. It’s been a CRAZY week! We recorded three podcasts this week, and it was totally, TOTALLY worth all the effort. :) With that said, let’s close the week out with some news. :)

That’s it for gamey news, but we’re not done! There are deals today as well. GetGames is having a Strategy Sale, which includes these space games:

Finally, in somewhat related news, over on SolCommand there’s an updated Blackstar ship model for your modeling use.

Oh, wait, you were wondering where the third podcast was, since we only released two this week. Sorry, silly me, I forgot to mention that WE TALKED TO CHRIS ROBERTS YESTERDAY! OMG! That podcast will go up on Monday, so stay tuned, and have an awesome weekend! ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

8 thoughts on “Spacey Game News and Deals 3/8/13: Prepping for The Weekend

      1. BRIAN! You take those non-committal possibly harsh words about Steam right back mister!

        Seriously, why aren’t you in the Steam Cult? Didn’t you get your chip implanted by Gabe Newell himself?

        *rubs spots where chip went it*

        Mmmm. I like to touch where it went in. So I know it’s there. I didn’t need my memories of my nine-year-old self anyway.

    1. Welcome to the comments lawlor, and thanks for this link. Das is indeed the business, as the kids say.

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