SGJ Podcast #19: Random Rambly Bits of Randomness, and Physics!

This Episode Makes About as Much Sense as This Picture.
This Episode Makes About as Much Sense as This Picture.

Hello folks, and welcome to episode 19 of the Space Game Junkie podcast! This week, Jim and I have no guest, and you know what thaaaaat meannnnns. WE TALK ABOUT EVERYTHING. Well, almost everything, both on and off topic, and we kinda have a topic, but we skim it because I’m neither prepared nor intelligent enough to discuss it at length. ;)

As always, please throw your thoughts our way, as we love to hear them, and thanks so much for listening! Enjoy!

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Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #19: Random Rambly Bits of Randomness, and Physics!

  1. Steam Horders, the movie!
    I’m so bad about it, I’ve gotten just about every humble bundle since 3 or 4.. (including some of the weekly bundles) I’ve never regretted a purchase, even if I only actually enjoyed one or two of the games.
    However my list is getting huge. 83 games… and I have only outright purchased maybe 2 or 3.

    1. As for freelancer… Holy hell the game is great… sadly its pretty buggy to run a server :< lots of inherent flaws that make it difficult to enjoy. It was also one of the very few games that I used almost purely newtonian physics. I would thrust with afterburners, jerking and jogging back and forth, reversing to slow down and so forth… The AI had a very hard time catching up to me at such high speeds and so many high G turns.
      As for why it slows you down, usually its something stupid like RCS thrusters setting your 'top speed' :P

      Endless space's combat makes me sad. I just can't feel it, I wanted to do so much more with it… but the RPS system just pissed me off :< I was pinched on either side by two forces.. one side needed one type of military while the other needed another… so I made both… then brought them to bear.. yet before I reached their planets they had already switched gears and both sides of my military got wiped out.

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