Spacey Game News and Deals 1/17/14: Everybody’s Working for the Weekend Edition

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Hello my friends, and happy Friday! It has been a CRAAAAAAAAAZY week for me, so I’ve not had time to put a news thingy together until today, but there’s some good stuff incoming, so let’s get right to it!

But wait, we’re not done!! We have DEALS! First off, the latest Humble Bundle includes Strike Suit Zero if you pay the (at the time of this writing) average of $5.38 or above. THEN, Kerbal Space Program is on sale at Green Man Gaming for $18.08, BUT, if you use coupon code GMG25-0YUM5-VKMVU, it bring the price FURTHER down to $13.56, which might be the cheapest I’ve yet seen it. Thanks Reddit! Finally, today’s Daily Royale deal is StarDrive which is going for $11.99 and has 67 hours and 482 keys left as I write this.

Wow, that’s all the stuff just in the last WEEK folks. If this keeps up, 2014 is going to be a VERY busy year. Have a great weekend y’all!!!

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Spacey Gamey Newsiness 1/13/14: LIKE A PHOENIX RISING FROM THE ASHES Edition ;)

It's the News!


Hello my friends, and welcome to NEWS. ;) I’m starting the year from scratch, as I had way too many news thingies in my queue slowing me down, so this is news from the past couple of weeks or so. I’m really gonna strive to do this more regular-like, but no promises. There’s a ton of fun stuff here, and as always, videos are embedded below. :) Now, let’s get on with it. :)

  • Void Destroyer – OMG according to the game’s Kickstarter, the early-released version of the game is going to be on Steam THIS WEDNESDAY! YAY! Two new trailers have been released as well, which will be embedded below.
  • FleetCOMM : Operation VigriorTwo updates in the last several days explain why the project is behind, and where it’s going from here. I’m still excited to play the thing my own self. There’s also a video below of the game’s dynamic planet generator.
  • Ring Runner – The Videogame Backlog has a review of the game which is fairly positive. There’s also a video Q&A with the devs on the Sweet!Creeper YouTube channel
  • Wing Commander: Armada – According to the CIC, an enterprising fan has launched a server through Classic Gaming Arena for up to sixteen players.
  • Super Wing Commander – Also according to the CIC, the folks at Edge Magazine took a look at the classic 3DO version of the game.
  • Wing Commander: Prophecy – Finally from the CIC, an enterprising fan has written an upgrade patch for the OEM version of this game which, back in 1997 came with the Real3D Starfighter and missed out on the advanced effects put out by the 3dFX version, and brings the OEM version up to use OpenGL. I love fans that do stuff like this.
  • Wings of Saint Nezaire – There’s a new video on the official site showing off the cockpit of the new Cobra heavy fighter, also embedded below.
  • Eterium – On the game’s Kickstarter is a new update talking about a new demo, the beta being approved on Desura and much more
  • Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager – The game is undergoing an evolution of sorts, which will include a new campaign, widescreen support and more.
  • Predestination – The folks behind this game have launched another Kickstarter for a 3D ship designer, and is already well past its goal. If you missed the last one, check this out.
  • PULSAR: Lost Colony – There are two development videos on YouTube (and embedded below) talking about the new life support system and the player hub.
  • Rogue System – There’s a new development video talks about one of the fighter’s modular cockpit, which looks awesome.
  • Rodina – A new version of the game ADDS HEADLIGHTS! OMG YAY! Oh, and also gamepad support, sure, but HEADLIGHTS!
  • Star Citizen – The official site has a new Ten for the Chairman Q&A installment with Chris Roberts, a Q&A with Drake Cutlass designer Patrick Thomas (along with work-in-progress pics of the Cutlass), a galactic guide to Drake Interplanetary and the Magnus system, and a new lore builder installment on squad celebrities. On Stick and Rudder, they have five reasons why it’s not a PVP game.
  • Drox Operative – There are new reviews of the expansion over on RPG Codex and Christ Centered Gamer, as well as some new patches for the game as well.
  • Kickstarters – Thanks to Goomich for pointing out two spacey Kickstarters I missed, New Orbit and Space Pioneer, both of which could use some help. Universe Rush could also use some assistance.
  • Galactic Starfighter – has a link to a recent development video that shows off some gameplay and gives a final release date of February 4th.
  • Infinite Pixels – A new milestone version of the game (0.5.0) adds a ton of crap to the game, like a jetpack, asteroids (with mining, yay!) and more! I really need to try this one out.
  • Starship Corporation – A new version of the alpha is out that adds a power grid, a basic tutorial and more.
  • Deep Space Settlement – Tons of videos from these folks, such as wishing us a happy new year, showing smooth camera transitions along with in-game fog, along with a 3D render of a frigate,  synchronized firing, a dual spline cruiser and a utility spline as well. Wow these guys are busy, can’t wait to actually play the thing. ;)
  • Approaching Infinity – A new post on Kickstarter talks about the game’s randomized crafting system.
  • M.O.R.E. – Space Sector has a new article checking in with the developer a year after their successful Kickstarter.
  • Star Trek Online – There’s a new dev article looking at the sexy-as-hell Atrox Cruiser.
  • Kerbal Space Program – The Squad guys received honorable mention at the IGF. Yay! Also, amazing YouTuber Das24680 has posted the last in his long line of Kerbal videos.
  • Vendetta Online – A new patch adds crossfading music, new kill-on-sight statuses and more.
  • Wayward: Terran Frontier – Two updates on the site talk about a new content patch and being on Steam Greenlight, as well as a look ahead.
  • Infinite Space 3 – The latest update shows some game editor footage and talks about how their engine is coming along.
  • Limit Theory – The latest update shows off new AI, a new UI and shinier graphics. Preeeeeetttyyyyyy…
  • EVE Online – The Mittani has an intriguing article entitled The Human Nature of EVE which is pretty compelling.
  • Stars of Call – Over on our own forums, Mutos has put out a new version of the game with more border stations and much more! Check it out, it’s free!
  • Sublight – Found this new game on Desura, hope to check it out soon and I hope you do too. ;)
  • And Here the Wheel – The author of the Elite: Dangerous tie-in novel has a recent update on his blog about how the book is coming along.

Finally, in related news, a new dev video showing off AMD’s Mantle technology has some space battle porn (though it’s a tech demo and not an actual game). Finally, new came through that Mobygames has been purchased by Blue Flame Labs LLC, which is great because it seemed to be languishing under GameFly. I love the site and use it quite often for its extensive knowledgebase of classic gaming, and you should too. ;)

That’s it folks, and thank GAWD because I need a nap. Whew! :) Enjoy all the news and videos below, and have a great day!

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SGJ Podcast #34: Hanging Out on a Mandate…

Our Shields are Collapsing!

Our Shields are Collapsing!

Howdy folks, and welcome to this week’s episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I sit down with Producer and Lead Designer Ole Herbjørnsen and Art Director Garret AJ to talk about their currently Kickstarted game, The Mandate. We learn a lot about the game, its evolution, its history and even play around a little with its ship designer and such. It was a damned fun podcast to record, and should make for a fun listen. :)

As always, we hope you enjoy the show, look forward to your comments below, and invite you to subscribe to the podcast via iTunes or RSS. Thanks for listening! :)

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Spacey Game News and Deals 10/11/13: Friday Light Edition

Drink In the News...

A Little Bit of This…A Little Bit of That…

Hello folks, and happy Friday! The weekend is FINALLY here, and my GOD do I need it because I am soooo freaking tired. This week has kicked my ass, and I don’t even know why. Hopefully getting plenty of rest and gaming time this weekend will help. What are y’all up to this weekend, and what are y’all playing? It’s a light news day, so let’s get to it…

Finally, we have one deal from GOG. This weekend they’re having an Exciting EA Exclusives sale, and almost all the Wing Commander games (save the recently released Academy) are on sale.

That’s it folks, have an awesome weekend!

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Spacey Game News and Deals 10/10/13: Busy News Day!

Stack of Newspapers

It Just Keeps Stacking Up…

Hey folks, how are y’all! I hope y’all are having a fabulous day! I’m still half asleep my own self, but I’m getting by. Thankfully I have some time and energy to do news today, so let’s hop to it:

  • Star Citizen – Later today, at 6:30 PM Central Time, there will be a livestream of Citizen Con from Austin, Texas, in which Chris Roberts and his team will lay out what’s been done for the game and what’s coming next. I hope they archive it because I’ll be in my car at that point. ;)
  • Space Rangers HD – The release date for this exciting new installment in the beloved Space Rangers series is due next week, on 10/17, and you can read all about it on Blue’s since I can’t link to the actual press release on Games Press (which is behind a login wall). Can’t wait!
  • Elite: Dangerous – According to a story on Develop, this game will be getting Oculus Rift support! Man I’m gonna need to get me one of these…
  • PULSAR: Lost Colony – The devs have added a new $40 reward tier that gets you an art book and the opportunity to name a random galaxy.
  • The Mandate – Via a Kickstarter update, the devs have created a page on the dynamics of crewmanship and a page on the game’s music. They also now have forums for you to use.
  • Star Conflict – There’s a new dev blog detailing some features in the latest version of the game such as an improved H.U.D. and matchmaking balancing. The game will also be streamed on DigestNet tomorrow at 21:00 Moscow time.
  • Wayward: Terran Frontier – The official site has a teensy tiny little status update.
  • Ring Runner – There’s a new patch on the way, and you can read all about it on their Facebook page.
  • X Rebirth – Now on Steam, you can order the collector’s edition of the game along with the regular version. The collector’s edition includes two soundtracks, and video and other bonuses.
  • Buzz Aldrin’s Space Program Manager – There’s a beefy dev update on the Matrix forums with lots of awesome info.
  • Wing Commander – The Concordia Hangar that Howard Day has been working on now also has a Sabre fighter. It’s pretty awesome, so check it out!
  • Star Trek Online – There’s another dev blog on the Avenger-class cruiser, which is now for sale apparently.
  • EVE Online – CCP is now offering their own new player training sessions, which is damned awesome of them. The Mittani also has word of FIVE supercarriers going down within a couple of days. Craaaaaaazy.
  • Escaping Titan – The Broken Crown folks have a new website, go check it out!
  • Star Strike – This wasn’t a computer game, per se, but Old Game Magazines has an awesome old ad for it nonetheless.

Now there is one deal today. StarDrive is Steam’s daily deal, going for $10.19. While many, including myself, feel the game is still incomplete, the developer apparently feels it can “can stand on its own two legs” according to this interview, and is already eying moving onto another game in the series, so whether this is a deal is up to you. ;)

That’s it for today folks, have a good one!


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Spacey Game News and Deals 10/9/13: The Calm-Before-the-Storm Edition

News Hands!


Hello my friends, and happy Wednesday! I hope y’all are more awake than I am! SOOO TIRED! However, there’s news to report, and I’m trying to do this at least regularly enough that nothing gets missed, so let’s do this thing called news!

Next up, we have several sales, including:

  • First up, Groupees is having a 1C Mega Bundle, in which you can buy two or more games for a SONG, and they include all three Star Wolves games as well as Parkan II, so jump on this as they’re all awesome.
  • Speaking of Star Wolves, the Indie Gala Store is having a bundle of all three games for $4.99, but the Groupees bundle is still cheaper.
  • Bundle Stars is having a great Quickfire Indie Bundle which includes Space Pirates and Zombies for $3.49, which is a decent deal for the other games you also get as well.
  • Finally, FireFlower games is having a Sci-Fi Sale which includes games such as Ring Runner, The Tomorrow War and, again, all Star Wolves games. The prices aren’t the greatest though, but I wanted to make y’all aware of it regardless.

Finally, in related news, the aforementioned Not on Steam Sale is over, but apparently it has a huge success. Also, the latest game from those hardworking folks at Arcen Games, Bionic Dues, is now available.

That’s it for today folks, have a great one!


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