Balance is Tricky – Weekly Gaming Checkin for 10/28/19

I loved seesaws as a kid.
Balance is an Excellent Thing to Strive For. :)

Weekly Gaming Thoughts

Hello my friends, and happy Monday. What’s going on in your gaming world of late? For me, it’s been striving for balance. Last week I got some new SEO work coming in, which is great, but I’ve not really yet had to find a balance between the SEO work, streaming, and actually having time for myself. When I first began this endeavor, I was of a mindset that if I wasn’t working on SOMETHING, be it this or the SEO side-hustle, I was failing. Thankfully the wife helped me get over that quickly.

A couple of weeks ago, however, I made a pretty big shift. When I was working full-time, I did all my recording on the weekends, which meant I needed to set aside a multi-hour block of time to make sure I recorded all the videos I needed for the week, which was sometimes easier said than done. Lately, however, at my wife’s suggestion, I tried to actually record videos on the day of, usually in the morning, and actually have a weekend to myself.

This has been tougher than I anticipated, because it involves switching my mindset and expectations around entirely. Yesterday, for example, I did a tiny amount of SEO work but made sure I spent the majority of my time playing games for myself — playing games to relax and playing games for this thing are wildly different — because I know if I don’t, I’ll burn out. Now, this morning, likely in about an hour after I write this, I’ll record the first AI-War 2 video of the week.

It’s been a weird change, and I’m still getting used to it, but if I’m gonna get into this for the long haul, I have to make sure I’m running a marathon and not a sprint. I also have to allow myself to realize some things that used to work might not work anymore, and that I might need to scrap some ideas for some new ones. It’s been a great ride these past couple of months, and I’m really glad you’re all here taking it with me.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Destiny 2 – Finished the Red War campaign, now on the Osiris campaign, and having a great time. Also fell into a random event on Mars yesterday and just played that for a while. I’m not sure why I’m enjoying this game, but I am, immensely.
  • Star Trek Online – A wave of enthusiasm over this one has taken over our Discord, so I’ve also dived back into the game, starting a new character and getting the hang of things. I’m enjoying the space stuff a lot.
  • Strike Fighters 2 – Started a new campaign as an Israeli P-51 pilot, got shot down in the second mission. Started another campaign as a Tornado pilot in the massive Desert Storm mod, got shot down in the second mission. I don’t even mind really. I love that the game is fun and easy to jump into but also can kick my ass if I don’t pay attention. It only means I need to play more. ;)

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Same as above, really.

So what have you guys been playing lately? Can’t wait to talk to y’all here or a stream or on Discord. Have a great week my friends!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Balance is Tricky – Weekly Gaming Checkin for 10/28/19

  1. Well, I dominated Corpoct and it is time for me to find some new spacy goodness. I still play Warframe daily, so my 3rd person shooter needs are filled. Solo Gamer Appreciation Month and NaGaDeMon (National Game Design/Developer Month) is coming, so I plan on some pen and paper stuff. So, other gaming might actually take a back seat. I guess I have to turn to you as my game play surrogate. :-)

  2. Brian, your channel is great, and getting better. I also enjoy the article opeds you have been posting. Space Game Junkie pops up on steam frequestly as I look through games. As far as my own gaming…..well it gets back to your discussions on being overwhelmed by too many Library choices, and a short attention span, new shiney games (currently Outerworld) that scream, Buy Me! And, also having the time. Picked a few games to play off and on until finished, then add another one. I’ve been consistently playing Flat Space; I can not allow this old game to kick my ass! playing as a trader. Also back to Morrowwind, gave SolTrader a shot…might have to try that one again. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, back to 3030 deathwar redux….realy trying to play these games to the end, or become top dog. I’m realy terrable at finishing games, but working on it. Love what your doing with your channel, and business.

    1. Thanks for the kind words mate, and you’ve got a lot of great gaming right there! :)

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