A Striking Realization – Weekly Gaming Check-in for 11/3/2019

Hell Can Be Other People

Weekly Gaming Thoughts

I had a striking realization today. I thought about returning to Lords of the Ring Online, which I’ve enjoyed on and off for several years. Like MMOs I’ve played in the past, I’ll play it hard for a few months, take a break, then return to do it all over again. Right now I’m on a break, and as I thought this, I asked myself, “Star Trek Online and Star Wars: Galaxies scratch a similar itch, don’t they?”

“They do,” I replied, “but no one I know is plating LOTRO.”

This is when it hit me. I’ve been avoiding playing these games because even the POSSIBILITY of running into people I know, or being asked if I wanted company…was terrifying. I’ve mentioned I’m an introvert before, and I’ve learned that I’m best in social situations wherein I have plenty of time to mentally prepare to be social, otherwise socializing for me is awkward and exhausting.

So I’m gonna start telling myself it’s okay to say no. It’s okay to say I’d like to play by myself, thank you. These games are great, and I need to allow myself to enjoy them without giving myself the fear that comes from other people.

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Destiny 2 – Going through the Warmind campaign at the moment, very fun and lots of great fights. The Halloween event is also a good time.
  • Strike Fighters 2 – Started another Israeli P-51 campaign and lasted all of three missions before being shot down! I definitely have to be more aware of bogies in the area.

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Star Trek Online – A good game I need to level up in because our fleet needs all the help it can get, and I need to get better at socializing.
  • Star Wars Galaxies – I need to put aside fear of other people and just play the damned thing.
  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins – I got a bit burnt out on this, but I need to see Bayek’s journey to the end.

Thanks for reading my ramblings for today, I hope you’ve enjoyed them. What have you been playing?

Author: Brian Rubin

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