You Give Early Access a Bad Name – Daily Dispatch for 10/9/18

Another Fight I Wasn’t Going to Lose.

Opening/Random Thoughts

Hello friends, and happy Tuesday! It’s Podcast Day, yay! I gotta tell y’all, as much work as our podcast is, I love doing it because I get to talk to people I’d likely not talk to otherwise. Tonight’s guest, for example, is the father of wonderful Fading Suns universe, Andrew Greenberg. Sure, we’ll talk about Noble Armada: Lost Worlds, but I also wanna talk a TON about Emperor of the Fading Suns and the other Noble Armada game that was canceled in the early 2000s I believe (maybe late 90s, it’s hard to remember). I have to record footage of the game too, which I’m kind of loathe to do because I AM TERRIBLE AT THE GAME. Seriously, I’m super duper awful at it, which is why I’ve yet to record a preview of it. It would just be embarrassing for everyone involved. Maybe it’ll click while I’m recording the footage today. One can hope, right?

Today’s Video(s)

Today we get into the meat of Origin Space’s gameplay, and show you just how poorly, and hilariously, “balanced” it is. And by that, I mean NOT AT ALL. Seriously, out of all the sessions, I lose one fight. One. I don’t even know how that happened because it was super fast. Regardless, not only do I get overpowered super quick — thanks to the fastest leveling I’ve seen in ANY game. At the end of 2-3 hours, I was at level 40. Seriously. 40. Anyway, in this video, we do more quest, have more fights, and unlock more abilities. Standard ARPG stuff really, and it’s fun but so broken. It’s games/situations like this one that leads people to distrust early access. Dammit.

Today’s News

  • Shortest Trip to Earth dropped on Steam in early access today!
  • Battlefleet Gothic: Armada II released a massive new devblog looking at the game’s lore and story.
  • Starship Corporation is apparently getting new DLC tomorrow, entitled Cruise Ships, which allows the player to dabble in space tourism.
  • Gala Collider has posted their fall update, which talks about the game’s progress, rule changes and more.
  • EVE Online’s October Release is now live, bringing with it a lot of small fixes.
  • Predestination has released its massive 1.10 beta update, with way, way too much for me to go into here. Seriously, it’s huge.
  • Helium Rain got a small patch which adds a new ship, and other fixes, on the eve of its release from early access in a couple of days.
  • Spacebourne is looking for suggestions as to what else to work on during their early access period.
  • Lazarus posted its latest update, which includes a new settings menu and other tweaks.
  • Nimbatus got a patch which fixes maybe half a dozen critical things. They’re also doing a give away in coordination with the Avorion folks.
  • Star Trek Online got a pretty big patch which adds the Age of Discovery, among other things.
  • Vendetta Online got a small patch which fixes about half a dozen things.

Today’s Deal(s)

  • Nothing!

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Didn’t Play Anything Yesterday, Sadly.

Busy news day, huh? Thanks for reading y’all, and I’ll see y’all tonight on the podcast!

Author: Brian Rubin

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