So Much Skyrim – Hailing Frequencies Open for 6/22/17

The Art Style is Kinda Nice at Least…

Welcome to Thursday my friends! Sorry I didn’t post one of these yesterday, the day TOTALLY got away from me and before I knew it I was home and exhausted, so we’ve got a LOT to go over today. First up, videos. With each passing entry of Renegade: Battle for Jacob’s Star, the game makes less and less sense. Seriously, so much less sense. I don’t know who they wrote this dialogue for — my guess is hard core fans of the universe — but I barely have any idea what’s going on. It’s also a poorly constructed game, as even missions such as recon or rescue involve just fighting waves of guys. Oh, also, I apparently am either haunted by the ghost of my former wing commander, or am going crazy. Seriously, this game is batcrap crazy. At least the soundtrack is awesome. You wanna watch vids three and four to get caught up.

I had a bit of gaming time over the past few days, and it was mostly spent with Skyrim and LOGistICAL. Skyrim has been a nice change of pace. It’s relaxing just to load up a game you’re really familiar with and just go off in a direction, discovering new stuff, finding new quests, killing so much stuff. So much killing…anyway, it’s great. I looked into see if all of the mods I rely on made it to the special edition, but they haven’t yet, so I’m still good with vanilla. It’s still a gorgeous game, and it runs great, so I’ve no complaints. It’s becoming one of my most played games ever, at 117 hours, which is a lot for me.

I got stuck in a quest though, so I decided to take a break and load up some LOGistICAL. I’ve now decided I’m gonna focus on solving a particular region before moving onto another one, which shockingly the game makes easy with its unexplained UI. Each town gets an achievement, and if you go to the achievements tab and click on the region, it’ll highlight which towns have and haven’t been completed. SO EASY. Well, not the game itself but finding this out once I knew it was there, THAT’S what was easy. Regardless.

This weekend I won’t get a ton of gaming in, but tomorrow I have a half day, so the other half will be spent recording video for next week’s game, Galactic Civilizations II. Yes, II. It had a massive update a little while back, so I figured I should revisit it. I hadn’t played it in over a decade, so I’m interested to see how it stick with me, if at all. I’ve been reading the game’s two manuals over the past few days and am excited to try it out. The rest of the weekend will likely be taken up with the aforementioned Skyrim and LOGistICAL.

Now it’s been a busy couple of days, so let’s hit the news!

Finally, in sales, today’s the day. The massive Steam sale launched today, and once the site loads properly for me, I’ll go through and curate a nice list for y’all. Not to be outdone though, both Amazon and Bundle Stars are having big sales that launch today as well! Wheeee!

That’s it folks! See y’all tonight on the board game stream!

Author: Brian Rubin

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