A Bit Slapdash – Weekly Gaming Checkin for 9/30/19

I’m Trying to Rediscover my Own Library

Weekly Gaming Thoughts

Last week was all over the place, gaming wise. When I first started doing this streaming thing a month or so ago, I was so wiped by the end of it, I didn’t wanna play anything for the rest of the day, but I’m adapting and now have more time to game for myself. It’s still very sporadic, but I’ll tell you, between being laid off, Steam’s new library and GOG Galaxy 2.0, I’m trying to find more time to play the games I own, rather than buy new games all the time (something I admit I should’ve been doing all along).

Streaming is also helping me rediscover my own library. I have a queue of games I’ve purchased over the years that I’ve kept meaning to play that, now that I’ll have the time, I’ll force myself to.

Also on my mind has also been dust. I hate dusting out my PC. I do it every few months, because we have cats and we have the windows open all the time due to the heat. I recently realized I should likely clean the dust filters on the PC weekly, which will hopefully prevent dust from getting into the rest of the PC (I have this case, which has built-in dust filters). I HAVE taken to vacuuming the carpet weekly as well in the hopes it’ll help with this. It just makes me nervous going into the PC because I’m afraid I’m gonna break something, and now is NOT the time for something to break, so I keep putting it off. Sigh, but it has to be done…

Anyway, onto happier things…

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Star Trek Online – Aron Eisenberg’s shocking death, and the amazing memorial held in the game, got me interested in returning to this game in a big way, along with many of our community members. I did a couple of missions, and had fun, but beyond that I’ve NO IDEA what I’m doing. Like, I got a thing for my ship. How the hell do I install it? NO CLUE. I dunno if I’ll feel like reading wikis and such, but I might.
  • Deathtrap – I played a bit of this and had a great time, so I’m gonna see if we can do it for a Thursday night LAN Party. I’m not the biggest fan of tower defense unless I’m also a participant on the battlefield, and this is a great example.
  • Noita – Got this through Curator Connect, liked it so much I’m gonna do a stream of it. It’s so beautiful and violent.
  • EF2000 – Finished all the weapon-based training missions, now in the midst of the air combat training missions. Gonna keep plugging away at this before Tuesday’s stream.

What I’m Planning on Playing

  • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville – This is getting better with each update, so I need to play more in order to get better. Lately I’m really enjoying the support role of the sunflower.

That’s it for this week y’all. Thanks for reading, and please tell me all about what you’re playing!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “A Bit Slapdash – Weekly Gaming Checkin for 9/30/19

  1. Oh, EF2000… I played it a bit back in the day of choppy framerates, but it was good! Had a joystick to boot (albeit a basic one), so it was a nice experience.

  2. I wonder if steam has the hability to track us too or if it was just a coincidence, because I clicked on a link for everspace 2 here and after that I got a few recomendations for noita on steam

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