Weary Wednesday – Daily Dispatch for 1/9/18

That’s…A Lot of Ships…

Opening/Random Thoughts

Hey friends, happy Wednesday to y’all! How’s your week going? Me, I am super tired. Not even sure why. The weather’s been all over the map here, which might have something to do with it. I’ve been even getting decent sleep.

Regardless, besides me being tired everything is great. It’s almost been three months since I got my new PC, and I’m still loving it. I have it on nearly 24/7 — as I’ve done with every PC since the 90s — and knock on wood, it’s been solid as a rock, as the song goes. Even with AMD teasing new CPUs for later this year, I’m VERY happy with my purchase.

Today’s Video(s)

In this second — and blessedly last — video of Event Horizon, I just can’t get over how bad this game is. Okay, not BAD, per se. I mean, if it made any sense, I might even enjoy it, but as it is now? Screw it. It makes no sense, isn’t explained at all, and was a waste of my time. Avoid this one y’all.

In the latest episodes of Hypergate (episodes two and three since my last post), things have really ramped up. We have a new alien menace, and in one mission I think I killed over seventy of them (which is small compared to later on, truly). This game is so much fun. It’s also really fluid to fly, not an easy feat. I am also excited that we got the developer of the game to come on our podcast next week! Yay!

Speaking of which, last night, we talked to the developer of the intrigue-driven space strategy game, Star Dynasties. It was a really fun show that was just as much about pitching suggestions as it was learning the game. You can tell we’re really excited about a game when we have so much feedback. I was a bit out of it last night though, so I wasn’t in it as much as I’d like, but there was still plenty discussed. The MP3 of this will go up tomorrow. :)

Today’s News

  • EVE Online has a new dev blog up about chat system issues, and what they’re doing to fix them. Kotaku also has a fascinating article about the scheme to destroy a massive player-owned station within a wormhole.
  • Rodina is having another community vote about what the developer going to focus on next. Head on over and make your voice heard!
  • Astrox Imperium has a new developer video focusing on drones, and it looks GREAT.
  • XO has posted their December development recap, which has a lot of screenshots showing off their UI and more!
  • Star Trek Online is launching their Mirror of Discovery content update on 1/23.
  • Evochron Legacy got a fairly big update with an update to its important map mode and terrain performance updates.
  • Star Traders: Frontiers got a big new update which adds a new ship, new components, new rules and more. Do they ever sleep?
  • Transcendence will be getting a pretty big update soon, according to Kronosaur’s 2018 Annual Report. This will include shipyards, new ships, mechanic overhauls and more!
  • Astrobase Command has a new dev update talking mostly about how their latest alpha is going.
  • War Tech Fighters will be getting a massive new update called Firestorm, which will have a new game more, quality-of-life improvements and more.
  • Hyperspace Delivery Service got a new patch with a bunch of balancing changes.
  • Reentry now apparently has TrackIR support as part of a new patch!
  • Flatspace IIk is apparently getting an update soon! It’s a small one, but wow, better than nothing.
  • StarMade got its first patch in a long time, with balance changes, fixes and more.
  • Fleet Star V is going to be getting Workshop support soon! Fun!
  • Celestial Command got a fairly big patch with a slightly improved UI and bug fixes.
  • Hypergate got a little hotfix which fixes some stability issues.
  • Beat Hazard 2 will be getting some new turrets, apparently.

Today’s Deal(s)

  • Hellion is at its lowest historical price over on Steam at $14.99

What I’ve Been Playing

  • Assassin’s Creed: Origins – Still mired in this wonderful game. Got to chariot racing for the first time last night. Hated it. Really, really hoping that I can avoid it, because it’s just not fun.

That’s it for today y’all! Have a lovely day!

Author: Brian Rubin

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