Hangout Q&A with YouTube Let’s Play Awesome Person Das24680

Chatty Chatty Bang Bang

Hey guys, tonight I’m gonna have an impromptu interview with Distant Worlds fan and YouTube sensation Das24680 where we’re gonna talk about the rise of Let’s Play videos, Distant Worlds, strategy games and whatever else comes up. You can watch on YouTube, the Google+ Event page, or right here in the embedded thingy. If you […]

Distant Worlds Universe – Starting Small

Take That Pirates! Pew Pew!
This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series: Distant Worlds Universe Preview

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series Distant Worlds Universe PreviewIn my last video looking at Distant Worlds – Universe, I dove right into a new game in order to try and show the newest stuff coming from the Universe expansion/compilation. While this was geared toward folks who’ve already played the previous […]

Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 3/28/14: The Thank-Gawd-It’s-Friday Edition

Two news posts within a week? HOW CAN ANYONE LIVE AT THAT SPEED?  I’m unsure my friends…maybe I’ve finally gone mad. But I’ll tell you this, I’m on the upswing in terms of energy and motivation from my low point earlier this week. I therefore wanted to pound out some more news and deals before […]

SJG Podcast #53: A Look Back at Where They Are Now…

Hey folks, welcome to the latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast! This week, Jim and I take a look back at the games we’ve covered on the podcast and basically ask, “Where are they now?”. In some cases, the games we’ve looked at have come a long way, but in some cases, sadly […]

SGJ Podcast #48: Drowning in Immersion

Hey folks, welcome to the latest episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast. I apologize for getting this up so late, as Jim sent it to me days ago, but I had the busiest weekend ever, so I didn’t really have time to put it up until now. I also don’t have time to do […]

Spacey Game Newsies and Dealsies 1/31/14: The Holy-Crap-That’s-a-Lot-of-News Edition

Hello my friends, and welcome to Friday! It’s been a nutty week for me, so I apologize for the lack of stuff, but I’m going to try to make up for that today with one Hugh Jass news post. Please join me as I dive into the deep end of this newsiness pool! The Last […]

Distant Worlds: Universe Info Trickles In

Thanks to Adam at Space Sector for being on top of this, as he’s talked to Erik Rutins from Matrix and gotten some details on the final expansion for Distant Worlds, entitled Distant Worlds: Universe. This fourth expansion will apparently wrap up the entire series and be a complete stand-alone, including all of the improvements […]

Distant Worlds Series on Sale! YAY!

Hey kids, Matrix Games is having their holiday sale starting today until January 14th, and the entire Distant Worlds series is on sale. This means you can get this amazing game and all its expansions for the following prices: Distant Worlds for $19.99 Distant Worlds – Return of the Shakturi for $12.99 Distant Worlds – […]