Hangout Q&A with YouTube Let’s Play Awesome Person Das24680

Time for an Interview!
Time for an Interview!

Hey guys, tonight I’m gonna have an impromptu interview with Distant Worlds fan and YouTube sensation Das24680 where we’re gonna talk about the rise of Let’s Play videos, Distant Worlds, strategy games and whatever else comes up. You can watch on YouTube, the Google+ Event page, or right here in the embedded thingy. If you have any questions, you can it us up here or through the various streams, we should be able to see it. It’ll be a fun discussion, so tune in if you can, or catch it later on YouTube! :) Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

1 thought on “Hangout Q&A with YouTube Let’s Play Awesome Person Das24680

  1. Went straight to channel for the Endless Legend videos and sadly, they’re not there.


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