Let’s Play Galactic Civilizations III – Entry 6 – Biding My Time

That's a Big...Ship...
That’s a Big…Ship…

Welcome to the final entry in my let’s play series covering Galactic Civilizations III! In this entry, the Iridium Corporation continues to lay waste to my empire, destroying starbases here and conquering planets there, to the point where in the end, my empire is a tattered remnant of its former self. On the bright side, watching the AI kick my ass is a bit refreshing, and also something of a learning experience. Overall, my time with GalCiv III has been quite a bit of fun, and I do plan to keep playing it well beyond the end of this series. While it won’t dethrone Distant Worlds in my heart, it’s a solid entry into the 4X pantheon and one definitely worth your time if you have an interest in the genre. Thanks for watching this series, and I’ll see you next week with Interstellaria!

Author: Brian Rubin

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