SGJ Podcast #265 – Starcom: Nexus

This Game is REALLY Pretty.

Hey folks, welcome to this week’s podcast! This week, Jim, Spaz and I sit down with Kevin Lin of Wx3 Labs to talk about his currently-in-development space exploration and combat game, Starcom: Nexus! We had such a fun time talking about this game — which we’re all giddy about — and it’s rather unique history (it’s the sequel, of sorts, to a very popular Flash game), along with bits about game design, indie marketing and more. It was a great conversation overall!

Next week, we’ll be doing a morning (for us) show to welcome back the developer of the fabulous Helium Rain! As always, if you have any questions or comments, drop them below, email us at or hit us up on the forums. Thank you so much for listening, and we hope you enjoy the show!

Show Notes

Games Mentioned

  • Out There
  • The Long Journey Home
  • Starflight
  • Star Control: Origins
  • Zork
  • Drox Operative
  • Jumpgate
  • Star Hammer
  • Shortest Trip to Earth
  • Distant Worlds
  • Avorion
  • Star Citizen
  • Star Control 2
  • Protostar
  • Conflicks
  • Starcon
Author: Brian Rubin

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