Let’s Play Distant Worlds Universe – Extended Universe – Entry 1 – Dipping Our Toes Back In

Look at All Those Races!
Look at All Those Races!

Welcome back to Distant Worlds Universe my friends! This week we’re going to look at some mods for this expansive and amazing 4X game, starting with the Extended Universe mod. This mod adds over a dozen new races to the game and also includes an updated UI mod as well, to make the UI a bit cleaner. For this session, we look through some of the new races and pick, ultimately, the Acdarians, who are master scientist and ship engineers, my favorite things! ;) I’ve not played the game in a spell, so I get a bit lost in watching all that’s going on because it’s such such a beautifully active and dynamic game. Playing this game again is like visiting an old friend, and I am so glad to be back.

Author: Brian Rubin

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