Distant Worlds Series on Sale! YAY!

All This on Sale Now!
All This on Sale Now!

Hey kids, Matrix Games is having their holiday sale starting today until January 14th, and the entire Distant Worlds series is on sale. This means you can get this amazing game and all its expansions for the following prices:

All told, you get this amazing game with hundreds of hours of game time for $64.96 in total, which I’ll tell y’all, is totes worth it. For serious. If you’ve been waiting for a sale to get this amazing game, DO IT NOW. ;)

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Distant Worlds Series on Sale! YAY!

  1. Is it woth it to start playing from the first game or go directly to Legends?

    1. It’s been said if you just wanna get a feel for the game and see if it clicks, get the base game and Shakturi, but I feel one should get the entire set since the pre-warp mode in Shadows apparently seems much easier for newer players to click with. It’s seriously worth it.

      1. Funny, I got the impression from the forum that they recommend you play the Classic mode as a beginner, since Pirates make the pre-warp mode a little more difficult.

  2. Tempting, but sadly I doubt I will have the time to play this enough to warrant $65 for one game (although I bet you think of them as 4 games in your mind!).

    I am still enjoying Das24680’s videos, though.

      1. OK, so after watching a handful of videos I am *sorely* tempted to buy into this. Knowing Matrix, I don’t think that the current holiday sale price on this game is best you’ll see for some time. That said, I’m pretty sure I heard some rumblings about a “packaged” version coming out sometime. Now I can’t find where I read that (maybe it was DW2?), but with my luck, that would happen right after I bought the set. :D

        I just know it’s going to be one of those games that I play through once or twice, but move on to something else. I tend to play 4x games REALLY slowly and become overly attached to my empires. Watching the Das24680 videos, for example, while he is playing I see him ignore a *lot* of events that seem (to me) to be fairly important. I have to wonder if that’s simply the way you have to play this game, or just a matter of his style, or just his experience telling him which things matter & which don’t.

        Also (and again maybe this is just his style), the videos seem to show the game as really focused on military and expansion. Development of planets seems to be an afterthought. I plan to look at other LP videos to shed more light on this.

        I’ve also spent some time reading the Matrix forums (where I’ve apparently had an account since 2004!). That always gives you a nice mix of fanboys and people who complain about everything. You also see a few people saying “when are they going to fix this issue that’s been around forever”, a few complaining about the price, and others complaining about the people complaining about the price.

        Is there a PDF manual that comes with the game(s)? Is it decent, or do you get most of your information from playing and/or reading the forums?

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