Space Rangers HD: A War Apart – An Old Dog with Some New Tricks

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14 Responses

  1. Grave says:

    A question that might be either relevant or not; is the original English translation still terrible as always?

  2. Drake McLeod says:

    Another question for you Brian, the way I understand it Space Rangers HD includes Space Ranger 2: Dominators + Space Ranger 2: Reboot with redone HD textures and such, but does it also include the officially unreleased English version Space Rangers 2: Revolution? Wiki notes, “Space rangers 2: Revolution an informal Non-commercial addition (addon) to game Space Rangers 2: Reboot” and while there is a beta of the English version for free on their forums, I never got around to trying to follow their complicated instructions to get it working for my US version.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      I wish I knew, Drake, but I’ll be honest in that I’ve never heard of Revolution. I’ll ask my contact and let you know. :)

    • Jeffer says:

      Yes it includes all items from revolution + some new items from pirate fraction and other stuff like secret hull

  3. Jeffer says:

    Most features in your review are from Revolution, your touch so few HD attributes. Like new weapons, secret corpus, how to play on pirate side, how to contact girls agents and etc

  4. Jeffer says:

    Also on screenshot Micromodules Rock! you got an artifact, micromodules is another small thingy that You can built in item…

    P.S. can’t get approved on qt3, I could point you where to find some details that u miss in review

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey, I’m sorry, I thought those were new features in HD since I wasn’t even aware Revolution existed. Would these features be new to non-Russian audiences?

      • Jeffer says:

        think only true fans were playing in Revolution outside Russia, cause it wasn’t translated as I know

        • Brian Rubin says:

          Ah, okay, well I’ve added a note to the review to reflect this. Thanks for helping clarify!

          • Drake McLeod says:

            Excluding Mikhail’s comments on Qt3, I thought the review was well done and convinced me to pick it up myself. Honestly I played the original SR2 years ago and I have no idea how to identify the new content myself. :p

  5. Captain Kal says:

    I am still playing “Reboot” with a HD patch. I will still buy this version, to create a Human Pirate. The RTS minigames are horrible (some of them are totally unfair), but award a lot of XP. I really liked the text adventures, although it can take an awful lot of time (and a lot of retries) to beat them. Most of them where puzzles from mathematics or even chemistry.

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