Distant Worlds: Universe Info Trickles In

This Appears to Be the Only Art for the Game Currently...

This Appears to Be the Only Art for the Game Currently…

Thanks to Adam at Space Sector for being on top of this, as he’s talked to Erik Rutins from Matrix and gotten some details on the final expansion for Distant Worlds, entitled Distant Worlds: Universe. This fourth expansion will apparently wrap up the entire series and be a complete stand-alone, including all of the improvements from the previous expansions in one convenient — and apparently “affordable” — package. Head on over to Space Sector for more info!

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  1. Peter says:

    Out of curiosity, has Matrix given any indication as to whether this’ll launch on Steam, Gamersgate, etc? It looks like Panzer Corps is about to go up on Steam, so their approach _is_ changing.

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