Stellaris Review/Let’s Play Summary

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4 Responses

  1. Good read. I’m enjoying Stellaris but the closed borders thing is killing me. I’m trapped and no one near me will let anything other than a science ship thru. So I’m waiting for the patch that changes this. Playing it makes me want to do Distant Worlds again. I tried a while ago and LOVED it but it was very hard to learn and I had limited time. I’m going to try again but I need to know if there is a UI mod that makes it readable. It’s very hard on the eyes! I’m going full manual this time as I kept forgetting I had Colonization turned on and would build my own colony ships then send them to a planet that the CPU had already colonized for me. lol I just need a good UI replacement. I DO believe in a few DLCs that Stellaris will rival DW. Maybe in a few years.

  2. amandachen says:

    Ha ha, you played Stellaris.

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