So Sorry for the Delay – Hailing Frequencies for 1/8/18

Whaaaat’s Happening?!

Hello friends, how are you? It’s been a while! This is mostly due to an insanely busy holiday staycation, along with spending much of my free time studying for a PHP certification exam (which I sadly just failed, but will definitely take again). I’m gonna keep this one concise and to the point. Basically, we’ll first talk about the videos of the week, then I’ll list all the games I played since last we spoke (it was a looooooot), the news I’ve been collecting, along with all the patches. Now, let’s dive in!

Games of the Week

First up is the Warpath series. This is actually three games (Warpath Classic, 97 and 21st Century) that play essentially the same, but have refined user interfaces and what not. Today we start with 1994’s Warpath Classic. These games are different than other 4X games in that they’re ship-focused, meaning instead of sending other ships around to do stuff like mine, colonize and all that, your one ship does ALL that, and since the game plays in real time, it’s a race to see who can conquer all the planets. Taking planets is a bit different too. If a planet is inhabited, you invest in it, whether it’s in agriculture, industry, education and the like. If you invest in them enough, they’ll “love” you enough to change to your side, giving you tax revenues and so on. It’s really fun to play!

The other game I made a video for this week is Origin Space, a really super fun ARPG that’s parts Diablo and Drox Operative while still being its own thing. While it’s still quite early accessy, it’s quite a bit of fun as well.

Games I’ve Been Playing

Games with Developer Updates

Games with Patches



WHEW. Holy crap that took forever, but it was woooorth it. :) Thanks for your patience y’all. I hope to get back to doing these regularly tomorrow. :) Have a great day!


Author: Brian Rubin

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