Let’s Play Distant Worlds Universe – Star Trek Picard Era – Entry 3 – It Is a Good Day to Play

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Welcome back to Distant Worlds Universe my friends! In this entry, we move onto the massive, comprehensive and impressive mod Star Trek: Picard Era. This Star Trek: The Next Generation mod includes many races to play, including the Federation, Romulans, Gorn, Borg and so on. Since I’m on something of a Klingon kick at the moment (wow, that would hurt), I decide to play the Klingon Star Empire, and wow, things get hectic right off the bat. A lot of care and love has been put into this mod because even the empire policy screen seems to be in line with what one would expect it to be set for Klingons. The graphics are fun, the sound effects are absolutely perfect, and so far the AI is acting just like one would expect them to react based on the show. This is really great stuff.

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