SGJ Podcast #25: Tipping the Scales (and Paper Clips) in Star Ruler 2

It'll Make Sense Once You Listen...
It’ll Make Sense Once You Listen…

Hello, and welcome to the latest episode of the Space Game Junkie podcast. This week, Jim and I sit down with James Woodall and Andrew Ackermann of Blind Mind Studios to talk about Star Ruler 2, the sequel to their well-received 4X space game from 2010 (along with a bunch of other stuff, like Clippy!!). :)

Edit: Okay, a new file has been uploaded, sadly at a lower bitrate, but it should still sound okay, please let us know if there any any problems. Thanks!

We hope you enjoy the show, look forward to your comments below, invite you to follow us on iTunes or through RSS, and thank you for listening. :)

Episode #25 Show Notes

Space Games Mentioned:

Non-Space Games Mentioned:


Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “SGJ Podcast #25: Tipping the Scales (and Paper Clips) in Star Ruler 2

  1. So could nobody hear Jim? He sounded like he was on a separate podcast! Poor Jim…

    1. Nah, we could hear him. It didn’t sound like this in the actual podcast; something must’ve caused his audio to de-sync or something over the length of the podcast.

  2. I dunno what the heck happened there. I had this happen once before and we lost a show almost – but I fixed it with about 3 hours of editing hell. So, I abandoned multi-track recording because I assumed that it was the reason it desynced. So this time, we’re all recorded into the same single mono channel. I don’t see HOW it could desync. Man, that’s frustrating. This show was funny as hell in parts, but it’s kinda unlistenable. But, there’s no way to fix it.

    I think I’m going to explore skype recording in linux and get away from Pamela, since it’s burned me TWICE now.

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