Interstellaria – A Completely Professional Preview


Interstellaria is another Starflight-esque roguelike, but in THIS game it focuses much more on crew management and survival throughout both space and ground missions. The game borrows a LOT of its look and feel from classic space adventure games, and it shows in the best possible way. Watch as I play a recent preview version […]

Approaching Infinity – A Procedural Starflight of Fancy

You Guys Knew What Y'all Were In For when You Signed Up...

Approaching Infinity is a space adventure roguelike game in the vein of Starflight, in a very good way. I’ve been sitting on a copy for quite some time, so I’ve finally decided to spend a little time with the game, and I wasn’t disappointed. Procedurally generated sectors and planets, away team missions, combat, data collection, […]

Rodina – Feeling My Way About

Eat My Pixellated Death!

Update: My apologies, the version number led me to believe this was the release version, but I’ve been told by the developer it’s still in early access, so consider this a continuation of my preview look at the game. ;) Thanks! Welcome to Rodina my friends! If you’re unaware, Rodina is an procedurally-generated space adventure […]

Tiny Trek – On the Right Trek

Fire the Photons!

Tiny Trek is a procedurally generated space exploration and combat game that invokes the feel of Star Trek in its exploration, communication, combat and other facets. It was successfully Kickstarted a while back, and several builds have come out since then, so I finally decided to take a shot at the game. While it’s still early, […]

Drifter – Procedural Generated Fun and Guns

Eat Hot Laser Death!

Drifter is a procedurally generated open-world space tradey/shootey game that was both successfully Kickstarted and Greenlit. Now on Steam early access, the game has come quite a way since the early version I played some time back, so I decided to do a video! Watch me as I do missions against pirates and replicants in this […]

Paragon – Elite and Efficient Space Trucking

Pretty Sunset on a Far Away World...

Hey folks, you might remember from our podcast on Elite Alternatives that Jim and I became enamored with a game called Paragon. Paragon is a paid fork of the free, open source Pioneer space sim, which mimics the gameplay of Elite 2: Frontier. Paragon strives to be more efficient, streamlined and prettier than Pioneer, and it […]