Stable Orbit – Enjoyable Station Building – Let’s Preview

So Pretty. So Serene.
So Pretty. So Serene.

Hello my friends, and welcome to Stable Orbit! In this early access space station builder, there isn’t much to do, no tutorial and little in the way of explanation or guidance, but I dive in anyway! ;) In this entry, I make a few stations and wonder why I run out of money before realizing labs bring in the money. ;) That said, eventually I build a pretty nice station! There’s a fun balance between managing things like food, heat, oxygen and so on, along with making money and repairing damage, so I can see a fun game being made out of this once there’s actually stuff to do added to the game. Right now, I really like where this is headed, and can’t wait to see more.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Stable Orbit – Enjoyable Station Building – Let’s Preview

    1. The fact that you build stuff that goes in space is really the only similarity here.

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