Send in the Sales… – Hailing Frequencies Open for 10/26/17


Hey folks, welcome to Thursday! Sorry I didn’t write one of these things, but the day totally got away from me. There’s a good chunk of stuff to talk about today though, so let’s get started with the latest videos!

First up is Dominari, a Galcon-esque quick-playing 4X game that includes exploration, expansion, exploitation, and extermination all in a very short time span. Basically, you move ships to take over planets to gain more resources to build more ships to take over more planets. There are also resources to build improvements like starbases and satellites. It’s really fun and fast and BRUTAL. I played the weakest AI — “tutorial” level — and got creamed twice in short order. I’m not sure how they were able to field hundreds more ships than I — it felt a bit cheaty, I’ll admit — but it was still a fun time regardless.

Then, in today’s video, I try so many ways to kill a pirate in Space Rangers HD but I just can’t do it. Apparently, I need more training, better weapons, and a better ship, so I just go back to doing what I do best: missions. After failing several times to kill my prey, I just drop the mission and find other stuff to do, and I’m super glad the game lets you do this. I wouldn’t typically stack missions given the time constraints involved, but this time I just let the assassination mission expire, and I’m super glad I did. One day I’ll be able to handle myself in combat, but today is not that day.

Other than that, all the gaming I’ve gotten to do was on Tuesday evening. I played a bit more EVE Online, and ran into the same problem I had last time: Once I finished the intro mission chain, I had no idea what to do next. The new Agency functionality looks to help with that a bit, but I might need even more guidance before going any further. I’ve been told the Sisters of EVE are great for wannabe explorers such as myself, so I might look them up. I also spent time with Hunter in Star Wars Galaxies: Legends until my internet decided to take a big dump (I think my router might’ve overheated. It was that hot the other day). Tonight I’m looking forward to toying around with Lux Alliance for our board game night!

Alright, plenty of news today, let’s get to it:

Alright, my friends, buckle up, because apparently sales season has begun. Besides Steam’s Halloween sale, big stores like GOG, Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle and IndieGala are having big sales along with publishers like Paradox and Slitherine. Finally, according to this Reddit post (which includes all relevant links), Elite: Dangerous is on sale all on its own as well.

That’s it my friends! See you tonight on the stream at 5:30 PDT!

Author: Brian Rubin

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